Neanderthal Genes Were Purged From Human Genome By Evolution

A new study highlights the reason behind the fading gene content of Neanderthals in humans despite historic interbreeding. The study says natural selection erased many deleterious genes from the human stock.

Ancient November 10, 2016

Giant Predatory Lizard Thrived In Antarctica Toward The End Of The Dinosaur Era

Giant predatory sea lizards known as Kaikaifilu thrived in Antarctica some 66 million years ago. According to paleontologists, these Mosasaurs had an average length of 10 meters and reigned as the largest marine predator during the terminal phase of the dinosaur age.

Ancient November 9, 2016

Humans Settled, Developed Sophisticated Tools In Australia’s Arid Interior 10,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

A new study found proof of people settling down in Australia as many as 10,000 years before previously thought. The analysis of the objects found revealed some surprising facts about early Aboriginal culture.

Ancient November 4, 2016

Melanesians Carry Genes Of Unidentified Extinct Human Species

Melanesians who live in the South Pacific carry genes of an extinct human species. Researchers said the hominid species is not likely Neanderthal or Denisovan.

Ancient October 31, 2016

Scientists Uncover Original Stone Of Jesus' Tomb In Jerusalem

The stone traditionally believed as the place where Jesus Christ laid on has been uncovered after centuries. What did the workers find?

Ancient October 28, 2016

Earliest Proof Of Right-Handedness Found In 2-Million-Year-Old Homo Habilis Fossil

New research suggests that a Homo habilis who lived approximately 1.8 million years ago was right-handed. The scientists analyzed scratches made on a specimen's teeth that suggested right-handed tool use.

Ancient October 23, 2016

Armored Prehistoric Fish In China Holds Clue To Where Our Jaws Came From

Elements of the modern jaw seen in modern-day vertebrates including humans were found in a prehistoric armored fish. The creature belongs to the group of extinct creatures known as placoderms.

Ancient October 21, 2016

New Dinosaur Species Discovered In The Outback Of Australia

A new dinosaur species has been located in Australia, and it's not a meat eater. The creature, known as Savannasaurus elliottorum, was found back in 2005, but researchers decided to wait 10 years before revealing the information to the world.

Ancient October 20, 2016

First Dinosaur Bones, New Tracks Found In Alaska's Denali National Park

Dinosaur bones have been found in the Denali National Park for the first time. The discovery comes after a group of paleontologists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the National Park Service trekked around the area in July.

Ancient October 20, 2016

Intriguing Anomalies Discovered In Giza’s Great Pyramid

Scientists have announced some intriguing new discoveries while peering deep inside the great pyramids of Giza. The void found inside the construction is most likely not a hidden chamber.

Ancient October 19, 2016

Ancient DNA Reveals Mysterious Species In Cave Art To Be Unidentified Bison-Cattle Hybrid

Today’s European bison is descended from the mysterious species researchers found in cave paintings in Ice Age caves. After examining ancient DNA, it has been revealed that the species is a bison-cattle hybrid.

Ancient October 19, 2016

Roman Empire Coins Found In Ruins Of Ancient Japanese Castle

Archaeologists found ancient Roman coins in the ruins of the Katsuren Castle in Okinawa, Japan. The copper coins bear the image of Constantine the Great.

Ancient September 29, 2016

How Did Animals Evolve Millions Of Years Ago? They Have High Oxygen Levels To Thank For That

A new study has said that abundant oxygen levels at the oceans facilitated the rise of complex organisms such as algae and other vertebrates. This came after a lull of 3 billion years of anoxic oceans.

Ancient September 26, 2016

Secrets Of Charred Ancient Hebrew Scroll Unlocked Through Modern Scanning Software

Thanks to an incredible method known as "virtual unwrapping," scientists in Kentucky have uncovered the contents of a charred ancient document without having to unroll it. The parchment contains text from the Old Testament.

Ancient September 22, 2016

Your DNA May Be Traced Back To An Ancient African Exodus

How did ancient humans go on to disperse the population in different regions over thousands of years? A new study seeks to find a possible explanation.

Ancient September 22, 2016

Human Skeleton Found In 2100-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck

Human skeletal remains were found in the Antikythera shipwreck. DNA from the bones may help shed light on the lives of people who were aboard the ill-fated ancient ship.

Ancient September 19, 2016

What The World's Oldest Fish Hooks Reveal About Okinawa Island And Paleolithic Japan

An archaeological dig in Sakitari Cave on Okinawa Island has provided new evidence that will serve to redefine everything that was once known about people living on the island during the Paleolithic era.

Ancient September 19, 2016

Ancient Blue Jeans? Indigo Dye Used By South Americans In Peru Long Before Egyptians

Cloths found in Peru provide earliest evidence of indigo dye use. The fabrics were 6,200 years old, which makes them older than the previously known oldest sample of indigo dye from Egypt.

Ancient September 17, 2016

DNA Testing Identifies Deadly Bacteria That Caused 1665 Great Plague Of London

The causative organism behind the Great Plague of London was discovered. The DNA analysis of teeth of the victims from the plague pit confirmed Yersinia pestis to be the pathogen behind the outbreak.

Ancient September 9, 2016

All Because Of A Tree Fall: Anthropologists Identify Cause Of Death For Early Human Ancestor 'Lucy'

It all ended for Lucy after a tree fall. An analysis of the early human ancestor’s bones revealed that falling off a tree caused her death.

Ancient August 30, 2016

Rare Composite Skeleton Of Dodo Bird Up For Sale In England

An auction house in England is putting up for sale a rare, composite skeleton of a Dodo bird. Officials say the near-complete skeleton is the first of its kind.

Ancient August 26, 2016

Near-Complete Skull Of Tyrannosaurus Rex Unearthed In Montana

A team of paleontologists from Seattle's Burke Museum discovered an extremely rare fossil of a Tyrannosaurus rex in Montana. The rare find may help scientists unravel more details about the ferocious dinosaur.

Ancient August 24, 2016

Newly Identified Species Of Extinct 'Micro Lion' Named After Sir David Attenborough

Scientists in Australia name a newly identified species of extinct marsupial lions in honor of famous British naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The species are particularly interesting due to their size and the structure of their teeth.

Ancient August 23, 2016

Hyperspectral Imaging Reveals Images Hidden In Ancient Mexican Manuscript Codex Selden

A new high-tech imaging method has unveiled hidden pictographs in the ancient Mexican manuscript Codex Selden without damaging the pages. What do the images inked in yellow, red and orange show?

Ancient August 19, 2016

Extinct River Dolphin Species Discovered At The Smithsonian

The Arktocara yakataga was sitting in a Smithsonian collection for decades before it was identified. It turns out the extinct river dolphin still has a living relative today.

Ancient August 19, 2016

Ancient Fashion: DNA Analysis Reveals What Otzi The Iceman Wore When He Died

After 25 years, researchers have finally figured out what Otzi the Iceman was wearing when he died: pretty much the entire zoo.

Ancient August 18, 2016

Researchers Find Second-Oldest Shipwreck In Lake Ontario: What This Could Mean For American History

New York-based underwater explorers have discovered the second-oldest shipwreck in the Great Lakes. The wreckage belonged to the Washington, a Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario during a storm in 1803.

Ancient August 18, 2016

3000-Year-Old Human Remains May Have Been Sacrificed To Zeus

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of philosophy, rational thinking and democracy. But behind all these remarkable feats, the society may have contained cruel and gruesome traditions, a new study suggests.

Ancient August 13, 2016

400-Year-Old Petroglyphs Unearthed On Hawaiian Beach

One July evening, two tourists strolling on a Hawaiian coast accidentally stumbled upon something fascinating. The tourists discovered curious carvings believed to have been made by Hawaiian indigenous people.

Ancient August 11, 2016

First Americans Migrated By Coastal Route, Not Via Ice-Free Corridor

How did the first Americans migrate to North America? A prominent theory suggests that prehistoric humans used an ice-free corridor to travel. However, the findings of a new study may refute this theory.

Ancient August 10, 2016

Piltdown Man Hoax: How One Man Faked One Of The Biggest Archaeological Discoveries In History

For years, the scientific community struggled to figure out who was behind the Piltdown Man hoax, and now, it's been figured out: just Charles Dawson.

Ancient August 10, 2016

Ancient Stone Tools Used To Butcher Rhinoceros, Other Animals Shed Light On Survival Skills Of Early Humans

Stone tools discovered in a former oasis in Jordan have animal residues such as blood. The discovery suggests early humans in Middle East have butchered animals for food.

Ancient August 10, 2016

Fossilized Ear Shows Ancient Toothed Whales' Ultrasonic Hearing Emerged Much Earlier

The ultrasonic hearing of ancient toothed whales may have emerged much earlier than believed, a new study revealed. A well-preserved fossilized ear provides insight on the matter.

Ancient August 4, 2016

Duck-Billed Dinosaur From New Jersey Suffered From Arthritis

For the first time ever, researchers have found evidence of septic arthritis in a dinosaur.

Ancient August 4, 2016

Lonely Woolly Mammoths On Alaskan Island Died Of Thirst

An isolated population of Alaskan woolly mammoths survived 5,000 years after their cousins and relatives went extinct. However, a new study revealed that it was the lack of access to freshwater that finally took them down.

Ancient August 1, 2016

New Evidence Suggests Early European And Native American Interactions Were Deeply Religious

Recently discovered cave markings in the Caribbean suggest that early interactions between Europeans and Native Americans weren't as violent and oppressive as initially thought — in some places.

Ancient July 20, 2016

World's Earliest Farmers Originated From Diverse Group In The Fertile Crescent

Did agriculture originate from a homogeneous group of early farmers? A new study suggests otherwise, indicating that farming during the Stone Age may have been invented by diverse groups in the Fertile Crescent.

Ancient July 16, 2016

Is The Newly Discovered Dinosaur With T. Rex Arms 'Cursed'?

After a long and arduous expedition, scientists from the Field Museum unearthed the fossils of a dinosaur with T. rex-like arms. During the trip, however, a few misfortunes befell the team.

Ancient July 15, 2016

Newly Discovered Philistine Cemetery Sheds Light On Biblical Enemy Of Ancient Israelites

Archeologists finally discovered a Philistine cemetery after 30 years of excavation. The graveyard may solve mysteries of how Goliath's people — Israelites' Biblical enemy — were laid to rest.

Ancient July 12, 2016

Ancient Bones Suggest Neanderthals Practiced Cannibalism 40,000 Years Ago

A new study suggests late Neanderthals not only buried their dead, but they also probably butchered and fashioned them into tools as well. The findings raise many questions about the lives of these prehistoric humans.

Ancient July 8, 2016

How Does Carregal Do Sal Stack Up To Stonehenge?

Carregal do Sal was an advanced astronomical tool for a Stone Age monument. How does it stack up to others, such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza?

Ancient July 3, 2016

Evolution Follows Least Resistant Path, Leads To Suboptimal Physical Traits

A new study found that evolution appears to follow the path of least resistance, which can lead to suboptimal physical traits that do not typically match functional needs.

Ancient July 4, 2016

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