In Depth: How 60,000-Year-Old Ancient Microbes May Hold Clues To History Of Evolution

Newly discovered 60,000-year-old microorganisms may hold clues to evolutionary history. Trapped in giant crystals, the ancient microbes have survived the hostile environment on a diet of sulfite, manganese, and copper oxide.

Ancient February 21, 2017

Life Found Trapped Within Crystals In Mexico Cave Could Be 50,000 Years Old

Microbes that survive on iron, manganese and other chemicals have been found trapped inside crystals in the Naica mine caves in Mexico. The trapped organisms are believed to be 50,000 years old.

Ancient February 18, 2017

How And When Did Early Humans Migrate To New World? Big Data Has The Answer

New linguistic analysis, employing computational methods, confirms the waves of migration to America. The early populations who inhabited America had extremely diverse languages.

Ancient February 24, 2017

Ancient Mass Extinction Of Earth And Rebound Of Life: Fossils Prove It Was Faster, Debunks Old Theory

Contrary to the theory that life returned late after the Permian mass extinction 250 million years ago, new fossils found at the Idaho City in the United States have shown that the rebound was faster and a thriving marine life did exist.

Ancient February 17, 2017

Ancient Judean Jars Offer Insights Into Earth's Magnetic Field Strength

Ancient jars that served as tax payment centuries ago have provided scientists clues to the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Apparently, fluctuations in the magnetic field is a norm for the planet, not a sign of the apocalypse, researchers said.

Ancient February 15, 2017

Giant Pterosaurs Dominated Ancient Transylvania, Suggests New Research

Pterosaurs ranged in size but researchers have found that those that flew over ancient Transylvania were particularly gigantic with 32-feet wingspans. Their massive size made it highly likely that they were the region’s dominant predator.

Ancient February 11, 2017

King Tut's Tomb To Be Investigated For Secret Chambers

After much debate over whether the young King Tut's tomb carried more secrets or not, a final thorough investigation will take place later in the year. Are there hidden chambers in the king's tomb?

Ancient February 12, 2017

5000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Tastes Fruity: Stanford Students

Stanford University students successfully recreated a 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe uncovered by scientists last year. The result was a fruity, cider-like concoction.

Ancient February 9, 2017

Dead Sea Scrolls: Archaeologists Discover Cave In Israel That May Have Contained The Scrolls

Archaeologists have discovered another cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were believed to have been housed. The cave is located in Israel in the cliffs of the Judean desert.

Ancient February 9, 2017

Inscription In Ancient Tomb Of Chinese General And His Princess Wife Reveals Couple Was Buried On Same Day

The ancient tomb of a general who served the rulers of the Northern Qi dynasty and his princess wife was found during an excavation between August 2012 and June 2013. The tomb was filled with pottery figurines.

Ancient February 8, 2017

Study Reveals Not Much Has Changed In Genetics Between Stone, Modern Age Populations In East Asia

Despite living thousands of years apart, Stone Age and modern populations in East Asia have very little difference in their genetics. This is according to DNA samples obtained from ancient remains in Russia.

Ancient February 2, 2017

Long-Kept Secret Human Remains Found In 150-Year-Old Diorama At Carnegie Museum

Scientists discover real human remains in the popular Carnegie Museum diorama 'Lion Attaquant un Dromadaire.' Learn the history and long-kept secret of the century-old piece.

Ancient February 5, 2017

New Research Sheds Light On How Ancient Indus Civilization Adapted To Climate Change

New research has shown the existence of climate change during early Holocene in the region of the Indus Civilization. The study suggests that the population was well adapted to change in the environmental conditions.

Ancient January 31, 2017

Indus Valley Civilization Also Adapted To Climate Change

Researchers believe that the downfall of the flourishing Indus Valley Civilization, like several other ancient cultures before it, could be due to climatic changes. The study sheds light on how the civilization adapted to these changes.

Ancient January 29, 2017

Anthropologists Discover 38,000-Year-Old Engraving On A Limestone Slab

A 38,000-year-old engraving on a limestone slab has been discovered from a rock shelter located in France’s southwestern region. Randall White, an anthropologist from New York University, led the excavation work.

Ancient January 28, 2017

Ancient Pueblo Sun Temple Had Geometric Patterns, Confirms New Study

The ancient Pueblo people built structures that had geometric patterns, even though they had no written language or number system. The research was conducted by a researcher from the Arizona State University.

Ancient January 25, 2017

Rare Lizard Fossil Found From Late Dinosaur Era

A complete fossil skeleton of an ancient lizard has been unearthed from the fossil-rich Egg Mountain site in Montana. The new species has been named Magnuviator ovimonsensis.

Ancient January 25, 2017

Researchers Confirm 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen From Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur

From the femur of a Brachylophosaurus, collagen peptides were extracted, confirming organic molecules are capable of persisting even in specimens that are tens of millions years old.

Ancient January 24, 2017

Islamic State Destroys Monuments In Palmyra, Kills Dozen Captives On Ancient Site: Syria Report

A wake of destruction and death continues to grip Syria as Islamic State regains control of Palmyra. Reports of further damage to ancient sites and lost lives continue to come in.

Ancient January 22, 2017

Stone Age Selfie Discovered In Britain, Carved On A 4,000-Year-Old Rock

Gordon Holmes, a retired design engineer and IT technician, has come across Britain’s first Stone Age selfie in Baildon Moor. This 4,000-year-old selfie etched on a rock is supposedly of the artist himself.

Ancient January 18, 2017

Centuries-Old Buddha Statue Emerges From A Reservoir In China

A sunken statue of Buddha emerged after water levels dropped at the Hongmen Reservoir in China during renovation work. The statue dates back to as early as the Yuan dynasty.

Ancient January 17, 2017

Did Humans Arrive In North America 10,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought?

Based on new carbon aging tests on ancient bones from the Bluefish Caves in Yukon, humans may have been living in North America 10,000 years earlier than previously believed.

Ancient January 17, 2017

Ancient Sea Creature Finally Gets Proper Classification

A team of scientists has finally managed to classify hyoliths, sea creatures that used to live during the Cambrian period, with the help of recently discovered fossils. Although believed to be related to mollusks, it seems hyoliths are actually closer to present-day brachiopods.

Ancient January 15, 2017

Newly Discovered Tombs In Egypt Have Remains Of Babies And Crocodiles

Archaeologists have found 12 new tombs at Gebel el Silsila, Egypt, which contain human and animal remains. What does the discovery tell about people who lived at the ancient sandstone quarry site?

Ancient January 14, 2017

800-Year-Old Skeleton Unearthed Near Troy, Contains Traces Of Deadly Bacteria

Archaeologists excavating a burial site in Anatolia, Turkey, have discovered the skeleton of a woman that dates back to almost 800 years. The experts found that the woman died from an infection caused by an ancient bacterium.

Ancient January 12, 2017

Skeletons Of At Least 6 People Unearthed In 2,400-Year-Old Tomb In Iraq

A 2,400-year-old ancient tomb, discovered in northern Iraq by construction workers, has been further excavated by archaeologists to reveal at least six skeletons and a number of artifacts.

Ancient January 10, 2017

Ancient Inhabitants Of New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon Likely Imported Food To Survive: Study

New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon area had problems in growing crops as the soil was salty, leading the inhabitants to import food. This was revealed in a new study by CU-Boulder scientist Larry Benson highlighting the plight of that ancient society.

Ancient January 5, 2017

Bones In Belgium Cave Prove Neanderthals Were Cannibals: Why Extinct Human Relative Practiced Cannibalism

Bones that were discovered in a Belgium cave more than 100 years ago offer evidence the Neanderthals were cannibals. Why did our close extinct relatives practice cannibalism?

Ancient January 2, 2017

Ancient Pottery Reveals How Prehistoric Man Cooked Plants For Food

Research done by an international team sheds new light on the moment prehistoric humans started processing food. According to the discovery, the pottery dates from 10,000 years back.

Ancient December 24, 2016

Here’s Why Humans Walk On Their Heels, Not Their Toes

There is an evolutionary reason why people walk on their heels, according to a new study. The research suggests this way of walking is ancient among hominins, and the reason behind this is efficiency.

Ancient December 23, 2016

Earliest Evidence Of Humans Processing Plants For Food Discovered In Libyan Sahara

Scientists have discovered the first direct evidence that humans cooked plant for food long before farming started. Proof was discovered in the Libyan Sahara, where chemical traces of various plants, including aquatic plant varieties, were present.

Ancient December 23, 2016

Kennewick Man Skeleton To Return To Native Americans For Reburial

President Barack Obama signed a bill on Monday, Dec. 19, authorizing the return of the Kennewick Man's remains to American Indian tribes. The almost 9,000-year-old skeleton will then be reburied by the Native Americans.

Ancient December 20, 2016

Cavemen Used Toothpick To Clean Their Teeth 1.2 Million Years Ago

A hominin molar found at Sima del Elefante in Spain had fragments of non-edible wood. The evidence suggests of dental hygiene among early humans in Europe.

Ancient December 17, 2016

Save Syria's History: These Majestic Sights Are In Danger Of Total Destruction Due To War

The tragedy of war has overtaken Syria. In this decade alone, four cultural sites -- once majestic -- continue to face the threat of destruction in this historical country.

Ancient December 18, 2016

Dental Plaque Reveals Europe’s Earliest Humans Did Not Use Fire For Their Food

A dental plaque from the molars of a 1.2 million-year old hominin in Spain revealed that the earliest human species in Europe did not use fire to cook their food. What did they eat?

Ancient December 16, 2016

Australopithecus Footprints Found In Tanzania Suggest Males Of Lucy Species Had Multiple Mates

Footprints were left behind by members of the Australopithecus afarensis species in an archeological site in Tanzania. How did the tracks hint that Lucy's kind was polygynous?

Ancient December 15, 2016

Archaeologists Unearth 2,500-Year-Old Greek City In An Unexplored Hill Settlement

A team of archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg with Athen's Swedish Institute and Karditsa's local archaeological service has explored the remains of a previously unknown ancient city at Vlochós, a Greek village located in the north of Athens. They found archaeological remains scattered around the Strongilovoúni hill on the Thessalian plains.

Ancient December 14, 2016

Compound Odontoma Tumor Found In 255-Million-Year-Old Fossil Of Mammal Predecessor

Showing the ancient links with mammals, a benign tumor, Compound Odontoma, has been discovered in a 255 million-year-old lower jaw fossil of a gorgonopsid, a mammal predecessor, and a reptile. The tumor manifesting as tiny structures in the gums causes pain.

Ancient December 9, 2016

DNA From 17th Century Mummy Of A Child From Lithuania May Rewrite History Of Smallpox

Smallpox, a deadly disease that killed millions before it was declared eradicated in 1980, was likely a modern killer and not an ancient disease. The findings were based on analysis of DNA from a 17th century mummified child in Lithuania.

Ancient December 9, 2016

Mummified Knees Found In Valley Of The Queens Tomb Likely Belonged To Egypt Queen Nefertari

Archeologists claim that the pair of mummified knees found in a lavish tomb in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt likely belonged to Egyptian queen Nefertari. What were the clues that hint the remains belonged to the royal wife of Pharaoh Ramses II?

Ancient December 3, 2016

Strong, Thick Arm Bones Hint Lucy The Australopithecus Climbed Trees Like Chimpanzees

The human ancestor Lucy the Australopithecus climbed trees regularly, scans of her arm and thigh bones revealed. Why did the creature climb trees frequently despite an ability to walk upright?

Ancient December 1, 2016

First Thanksgiving Site Discovered: Researchers Uncover Evidence Of Original 1620 Plymouth Settlement

Researchers have discovered the site of the original Plymouth Colony that pilgrims founded in 1620. The discovery offers insight into settlement life and colonial history.

Ancient November 26, 2016

Bronze Age 'Thinker': Ancient Clay Figurine Seated On Top Of Ceramic Jug Discovered In Israel

Archaeologists and students in Israel have discovered a clay figurine of a seated person appearing to be in deep thought. The statuette is 3,800 years old and is seated on top of a ceramic vessel.

Ancient November 25, 2016

7,000-Year-Old Lost Civilization: Archaeologists Discover Ancient City In Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient city in Egypt believed to be the home of the builders of royal cemeteries in Abydos. The city and cemetery are believed to be 7,000 years old.

Ancient November 24, 2016

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