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Graphic Cigarette-style Packaging For Sugary Drinks Deter Young Adults From Purchase

A new research found that young adults were more likely to avoid sugary drinks with graphic warnings about tooth decay, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. The study was presented at the 2018 European Congress on Obesity.

by Athena Yenko

Public Health

Health Officials Caution Public About Hepatitis A Outbreak In Nashville

Nashville has been hit with a Hepatitis A outbreak, with more than a dozen cases now confirmed. In an attempt to curb its spread, the city will offer free vaccines next week.

by Carl Velasco

Healthy Living/Wellness

The Anti-Seizure Effects Of Keto Diet May Be Because Of Gut Bacteria

Ketogenic diets are notorious among fitness experts, with some swearing by its weight loss efficiency. It’s also effective against seizures, and this new study tries to answer why.

by Carl Velasco

Learning Physics Activates Part Of The Brain Linked To Episodic Memory

Students who learned from a physics course that used modeling instruction showed changes in brain activity. Using fMRI, researchers found that the posterior cingulate cortex became more active after learning.

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