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Birth Control App Blamed For Unwanted Pregnancies, Abortions

Don't fully trust a mobile app when it comes to birth control methods. A hyped contraceptive app used by thousands of women and certified as effective as the pill is now blamed for dozens of unwanted pregnancies.

by Maui Hermitanio


Plastic Surgeon Showed Up Drunk For Operation, Arrested For Public Intoxication

A plastic surgeon in Kentucky allegedly showed up drunk to his scheduled operation. The doctor walked away from the hospital when he was confronted over his intoxication, but was later arrested.

by Aaron Mamiit

Public Health

Army Veteran Sues Hospital For Leaving Scalpel Inside His Abdomen: It Was There For Over 4 Years

An army veteran started feeling abdominal pain after an operation at a Veteran Affairs Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, in 2013. Four years later, an X-ray revealed that a surgeon left behind a scalpel inside his abdomen.

by Aaron Mamiit


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New Apple Campus Coming Soon, Part Of $350 Billion Investment Into US Over Next 5 Years

Apple is looking to open a second campus, as part of a $350 billion contribution to the U.S. economy over the next five years. The plan, which will create 20,000 more jobs, received approval from U.S. President Donald Trump.


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Meteor Lights Up Night Sky Over Michigan, Visible From 5 US States And Canada

A meteor caused a loud explosion and a brilliant flash of light to occur in the night skies over Michigan on Jan. 16. The meteor was so intense that its brightness was seen from across five U.S. states including Canada.

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