Amazon Echo Not Responding Or Not Hearing You Properly? Here Are Possible Fixes

The Amazon Echo is a very useful smart home gadget, but users run into certain problems with the smart speaker from time to time. If your Amazon Echo is not hearing or understanding you properly, here are a few solutions.

by Aaron Mamiit


Missing Indonesian Man Found Inside A 20-Foot Reticulated Python

A young Indonesian farmer who had gone missing a day before fell victim to a reticulated python. West Sulawesi locals retrieved the man’s lifeless body from inside the enormous snake, discovered nearby his palm plantation.

by Alexandra Lozovschi


FDA Give Approval To Roche Multiple Sclerosis Drug Ocrevus

Health regulators green-lighted Roche's Ocrevus drug to treat relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and primary progressive MS. Based on the clinical trials, what are the potential side effects of the treatment?

by Allan Adamson


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Samsung Reveals 34-Foot Theater Cinema Screen With 4K And HDR Support

Samsung unveiled its first 34-foot display dubbed the Cinema Screen. This screen would be able to reach brightness levels that are 10 times more than that of ordinary current-gen theater displays.


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Spiders Could Eat Every Person On Earth In Under A Year And Still Crave More

Since spiders were documented to munch on up to 800 million tons of prey each year, the entire human population on Earth, weighed at 300 million tons, would only be a snack for the hungry arachnids.

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