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For Flavor Or Nicotine? Here's Why US Teens Vape

In a latest study, most teens in the United States vape for the flavors in e-cigarettes and vaporizers - not for nicotine. While there is a growing concern in the use of such alternatives, the outcome of the study is ambiguous with regard to vaping practice in teens.

by Saranya Palanisamy


DNA Nanobot That Releases Drugs Using Mind Control May Alter Course Of Mental Health Treatment

A DNA nanobot can release drugs when it is heated using electromagnetic energy. How can it change the way mental health problems such as schizophrenia are treated?

by Rhodi Lee


Humans Have Been Impacting Climate Change Since 1830

We as humans are one of the main reasons why climate change is a huge problem today, and we have been commanding this change ever since the 1830s. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning, according to 25 scientists who researched the matter.

by Vamien McKalin


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How A 'Weather Bomb' Measured In Japan Helps Uncover Earth's Secrets

A series of tremors that reverberated through the ocean floor were detected by scientists in Japan. The twist: the tremors were not caused by an earthquake but were produced by a rare event known as a 'weather bomb.'


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by Cameron Koch

Review: 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Is A Solid Sequel, But Far From A Revolution

The latest entry in the 'Deus Ex' franchise is true to the franchise's excellent roots, even if it struggles to move the series forward.

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by Sumit Passary

Xbox One S Review Roundup: 4K Glory And What The Xbox One Should Have Been

Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, which has a slimmer form factor and tweaked hardware. Here is a review roundup of the latest gaming console.

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by Aaron Mamiit

Spoiler-Free 'Suicide Squad' Review: Chaotic, But Isn't That The Point?

'Suicide Squad' has mostly been on the wrong end of movie reviews with its chaotic plot. Chaos could be the whole point of the film though, pushed by Margot Robbie's great performance as Harley Quinn.

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by Steven Schneider

Review: 'Batman: The Killing Joke' Is A Flawed Adaptation Of A Classic Story

'Batman: The Killing Joke' is one of DC's most highly anticipated adaptations in recent memory. Did it make the jump to the small screen intact, or should it have stayed a comic book?

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NFL Cornerback Josh Norman On New Thync Relax for Stress Relief

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman introduces the prototype for Thync's second-generation stress-relieving wearable: Thync Relax. The neck-worn device works by signaling nerves along the back of the head to trigger the brain’s natural calming mechanism.

Check Out Benro's New Video Tripod Kits For Spielberg Wannabes

Benro's new KH entry-level video tripod kits won't turn you into Steven Spielberg, but it gets the job done.

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