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Here’s Why Weight Gain Could Reduce The Number Of Taste Buds And Result to Never-Ending Cycle of Obesity

A new study from Cornell University found that the weight gain poses risks in the reduction of taste buds. This metabolic malfunction often results to the dulling of the sense of taste and consumption of more calories.

by Rubi Valdez


Spanish Woman Dies Of Stroke, Multiple Organ Failures After Atypical Bee Venom Acupuncture

A Spanish woman died of a stroke and multiple organ failures after a series of bee sting acupuncture sessions. Researchers advise patients to stick to traditional acupuncture until further evidence proves apitherapy’s efficacy and safety.

by Rubi Valdez

Public Health

Authorities Warn Of Street Drug Laced With Bug Spray That Causes Zombie-Like Effects

Users of the bug spray-laced drug known as KD passed out with the drug still in their hands. Some were observed eating grass and dirt from the ground.

by Allan Adamson

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30 Years Later: Rapist Caught By DNA Test After Peeing Into Neighbor’s Potted Plant

A man was caught and found guilty of rape over 30 years later after getting arrested for something unrelated to the crime he committed. He urinated into his neighbor's plant, which led to his arrest and the revealing DNA test.

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