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One Way Money Can Buy Happiness, According To Science

If you think money can't buy happiness, think again. A new study reveals the benefits of buying time, such as paying someone to do household tasks, for greater life satisfaction.

by Katrina Pascual

Public Health

4-Year-Old Boy Contracted Flesh-Eating Disease After He Bumped His Head

Four-year-old Rhys Pritchard sustained a small cut above his eye after bumping his head. The problem went worse when he started to show symptoms of necrotising fasciitis, more commonly known as flesh-eating disease.

by Allan Adamson

Healthy Living/Wellness

War Veteran Can Keep Ducks To Relieve PTSD: City Council

The West Lafayette city council voted to let a war veteran keep his ducks despite a city ordinance barring farm animals in properties. The war veteran takes care of the ducks as a form of therapy for his PTSD.

by Athena Chan


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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Confirmed In Apple Lawsuit Documents: When Will The Chipset Be Ready?

Qualcomm has not officially announced the Snapdragon 845, but the processor has been inadvertently confirmed in a document that supports the chipmaker's complaints against Apple. Qualcomm and Apple are currently locked in a legal battle, with no end in sight.


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These Might Have Happened If The Apollo Space Program Continued

Since astronaut Gene Cernan stepped back into the Apollo 17 lander back in 1972, no human has set foot on the moon again. Learn what could have happened if the Apollo program continued and proceeded with its space missions.

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Unreleased And Notoriously Difficult 'Crash Bandicoot' Level Now Available On 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' As DLC

The unreleased and notoriously difficult Stormy Ascent level from the original 'Crash Bandicoot' has been added to 'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' as DLC. Players looking for a tougher challenge should download the level now while it's free.

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