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Android Smartphone Owners Less Likely To Switch To iPhone 7

CIRP report reveals that Android users prefer iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus when switching over rather than iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. This may have been driven by the presence of a headphone jack in the previous iteration.

by Anne Baker

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Trump Trades His Android Smartphone For Encrypted Device, An iPhone Perhaps?

President Trump has reportedly had to trade-in his Android smartphone for a more secured and encrypted device. Whether the smartphone is an iPhone - like that of his predecessor Obama - is not known.

by Amy Gordon

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Samsung Investigation Blames Irregular Battery Size, Manufacturing Issues For Exploding Galaxy Note 7

A new report provides more detail on the results of Samsung's investigation into the causes of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions. According to the Wall Street Journal, the reasons are irregular battery sizes and manufacturing issues.

by Aaron Mamiit


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Carrington-Like Solar Storm That Could Hit Earth Within Next Decade May Cost US More Than $40 Billion Daily

A powerful solar storm that may hit Earth within the next decade may cost the United States $41.5 billion in daily economic losses. What are the industries that will be most affected by solar-induced blackouts?


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by Alexandra Burlacu

Google Home Now Plays Nice With Vizio TVs And Other SmartCast Devices

Google Home has added Vizio integration, now allowing users to easily control SmartCast devices such as TVs, speakers, displays and sound bars. The integration brings a number of neat perks, so here's the deal.

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by Maricris Francisco

Google Pixel Selling Well On Verizon: Report Shows Demand 'Exceeding Supply'

The Google Pixel brand is doing really well in Verizon stores, according to a Wave7 Research report. Both Pixel phones are currently out of stock, and shipping will resume in March.

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by Aaron Mamiit

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Spoiler-Free Review: The Prequel That The Original Trilogy Deserves

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' is the first anthology film in the Star Wars universe. The movie is not just the prequel that the original 'Star Wars' trilogy deserved, but also the one that it needed.

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by Cameron Koch

'Dishonored 2' Review: A Sequel Done Right

'Dishonored 2' is a great sequel that gives players even more ways to fight and sneak their way through some truly awe-inspiring locales.

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