Pollution Deadlier Than Smoking, Natural Disasters And AIDS: Here's How It Can Kill You

Pollution kills more people than wars, smoking, hunger, disaster, and AIDS. What are some of the unwanted health effects of environmental pollutants that can potentially lead to premature deaths?

by Allan Adamson

Public Health

Judge Tosses $417 Million Talcum Powder Case Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

A judge in Los Angeles has thrown out a $417 million 'talcum powder' case verdict against Johnson & Johnson. Previously, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the sum to a woman who claimed she got ovarian cancer from the company's baby powder product.

by Sami Ghanmi

Public Health

How Do You Stop The Spread Of HIV? Quarantine Those Infected, Suggests Georgia Lawmaker

Georgia lawmaker Betty Price has come under fire for asking whether there is legal basis for the quarantine of people infected with HIV. She has now spoken out amid the controversy, claiming her comments were taken out of context.

by Carl Velasco

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