Rice University Engineering Students Develop An Algorithm That Effectively Predicts And Prevents Seizures

A team of engineering students have designed an algorithm that is very good at predicting and stopping seizures in real time. The project could be a product in the next seven years.

Public Health

Minnesota Health Officials Face Opposition From Anti-Vaccine Activists Over Measles Vaccination

Minnesota health officials faced opposition from anti-vaccine activists. The activists tried to advocate the dangers of measles vaccination in kids to the Somali-Minnesotan community.

Public Health

This Is How Diabetes Can Damage Your Brain Health

A recently published study links diabetes with increased abnormalities in several brain areas. Overweight and obese diabetics are most at risk for serious brain deterioration.

Public Health

FDA Approves New Second-Line Oral Treatment For ALK+ Lung Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the oral medication Alunbrig for the treatment of ALK+ non-small cell lung cancer. Find out more about the newly approved drug treatment.


Surgeon Convicted Of Intentionally Harming Patients With Unnecessary Surgeries

A UK court convicted surgeon Ian Paterson of intentionally harming patients with unneeded surgeries. Paterson made many of his patients believe that they had breast cancer and operated on them.

Public Health

Mystery Illness Kills 11, Sickens At Least 5 Others In Liberia

The World Health Organization is investigating 11 cases of unexplained deaths resulting from a mystery illness in Liberia. The incidents come almost a year after WHO announced the end of the latest Ebola outbreak in the country.

Public Health April 29, 2017

BioMarin's Brineura Gets FDA Approval As First Treatment For Type Of Batten Disease

The FDA approved the first treatment for the rare genetic disorder CLN2 disease that typically affects young children. What are the side effects of the therapy, and how much does it cost per year?

Medicine April 28, 2017

World's Heaviest Woman Will Move To Abu Dhabi Hospital For Further Treatment

The world's heaviest woman would soon be shifted from Mumbai's Saifee Hospital to Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital. Doctors from both hospitals devised the gargantuan plan of moving the patient.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2017

Gym Offers Nap Class Where You Can Just Sleep And Still Burn Calories

A gym in the UK offers the best of both worlds for tired people who want to lose weight. Napercise lets people have uninterrupted sleep in a calorie-burning environment.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2017

FDA Approves New Drug For Treating Liver Cancer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug Stivarga as a second-line treatment for liver cancer. Stivarga is a drug from Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., which is based in Germany.

Medicine April 28, 2017

House Delays Vote On Obamacare Repeal Bill: Here’s What Happened

The effort of Republicans to repeal the Obamacare with a new healthcare plan is eluding numbers within. The amendments are seeking the removal of many core provisions of the existing law with bigger a role for states.

Medicine April 28, 2017

Minnesota Health Officials Report 5 New Measles Cases

Minnesota health officials reported five new measles cases, taking the total to 29 since March end. While four of the cases were detected in Hennepin County, the fifth was reported in the neighboring Stearns County.

Public Health April 28, 2017

Scientists Transplanted Small Rat Head Into Bigger Rat Without Brain-Damaging Blood Loss

Two neurosurgeons claim to have performed a head transplant on rats safely and successfully. They plan to go forward with human head transplant in December 2017.

Neuroscience April 28, 2017

This 25-Pound Blanket Can Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety, Clinical Studies Show

Gravity is a blanket that’s designed to make its users feel as if they are being embraced or swaddled. Its weighted design is made to be a stress and anxiety reliever.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2017

One-Third Of US Childhood Lead Poisoning Is Undiagnosed

A published study reveals that a huge number of lead poisoning in children is left undiagnosed and untreated. Southern and Western States have the highest undiagnosed cases.

Public Health April 28, 2017

Drugged Driving More Complex And Fatal Than Drunk Driving: Report

A report shows that drugged driving is overtaking the number of recorded fatalities among drunken driving incidences. The numbers are concerning, but the topic of drugged driving is more complicated than it seems.

Public Health April 27, 2017

Organic Dog Food Recalled After Testing Positive For Euthanasia Drug

A pet food company recalled some of its organic dog food products after samples tested positive for the potentially lethal pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. Here are the affected products.

Public Health April 27, 2017

‘Minibrain’ In A Dish: Will It Lend Insight Into The Origins Of Autism And Epilepsy?

Stanford scientists grew brain cells in a petri dish to show the 3D cluster formation in early forebrain development. Researchers watched live brain formation and concluded that genetic aberrations can impede the cluster formation and cause diseases such as autism.

Medicine April 27, 2017

Affordable Drug Called Tranexamic Acid Could Save Mothers From Bleeding To Death

A new study has found an inexpensive and efficient treatment for women who experience severe bleeding after giving birth. Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading birth-related cause of death among women worldwide.

Public Health April 27, 2017

New Editorial Says Saturated Fats Do Not Up Heart Disease Risk, And Experts Remain Divided

A new editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine called it "plain wrong" to villify saturated fats and say they result in coronary heart disease. Here are the two sides of the ongoing scientific debate.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 27, 2017

Energy Drinks Could Have Unhealthy Impact On Heart Rhythm And Blood Pressure

A study concluded that energy drink consumption led to irregular heart rhythm and elevated blood pressure. However, health officials claimed that the study's findings were circumspect as it was conducted on a very small group of participants.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 27, 2017

Higher Alcohol Consumption Ups Risk Of Abnormal Heart Rhythms

A new study discovered the link between acute alcohol consumption and abnormal heart rhythms in individuals. The researchers observed and analyzed 3,028 attendees at the Oktoberfest 2015 held in Munich, Germany.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2017

Despite Normal BMI, Excess Weight Around Waist Could Raise Death Risk

In a new study, people with a normal body mass index but carry excess weight around their middle have the highest death risk from any cause. Find out the dangers of belly fat in this new research confirming previous findings.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 28, 2017

FDA Goes After Companies Illegally Selling Unproven Cancer Treatment Products

FDA cautioned 14 companies for selling untested and unapproved medication, which the firms claimed to be for cancer treatment. These products were sold online through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Public Health April 26, 2017

Researchers Create Artificial Womb That Can Help Premature Babies: What Are The Ethical Implications?

Aspiring to one day help premature babies, researchers developed an artificial womb that perfectly mimics the uterus. Fellow scientists welcome the successfully tested device but wonder about its potential ethical concerns.

Biotech April 26, 2017

Artificial Womb That Grows Tiny Lambs To Maturity Could Soon Help Premature Babies

Artificial womb that can sustain tiny lambs offers new hope for premature babies. The new device perfectly mimics the conditions inside the uterus.

Biotech April 26, 2017

Artificial Womb May Prevent Developmental Problems In Preterm Babies

An artificial womb tested on lambs offers hope of preventing developmental problems that may arise due to preterm birth. What makes it a better alternative to incubators and ventilators?

Biotech April 28, 2017

Climate Change May Be Getting Americans To Exercise More: Here’s How

The increasingly warmer temperatures might inspire Americans to be more physically active and spend time outside. A new study finds there is a link between global warming and increased outdoor exercise as the only positive outcome of climate change.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2017

Choline And Bacteria May Be Culprit Behind Stroke And Heart Disease

Eggs and red meat contain an essential nutrient called choline, which was found to increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. Digested by gut bacteria, choline creates a by-product that makes blood prone to clotting, leading to heart attacks.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Obesity And 4 Other Conditions Lead Americans To The Grave

A new study has drawn attention to the plight of Americans who are haunted by top 5 conditions cutting their lives. Topping the list is obesity with 47 percent more life stealing capacity than tobacco in mortality rates.

Public Health April 26, 2017

45 Minutes Of Exercise Several Days A Week Can Boost Brain Power Of People In Their 50s

To boost brain power during old age or middle age, exercise is the best bet - especially for those in the 50s. According to a study by Australian researchers, thinking power and memory skills improve remarkably when people exercise.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2017

At 91 Overdose Deaths A Day, Opioid Epidemic May Still Be Underestimated: CDC Report

A new CDC report has warned that the total number of opioid-related deaths may still be underestimated and a few cases may be missed. Find out more from the example of Minnesota drug overdoses.

Public Health April 25, 2017

At Age 16, Conjoined Twins In Connecticut Thrive And Likely Won't Get Surgery

Carmen and Lupita Andrade are among the very few conjoined twins in the United States today. Find out how they thrive at age 16, and how the surgery of Lupita's scoliosis - a highly risky procedure - fits into their future plans.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2017

Malaria Could Be Deadlier In The United States Than Previously Thought

Serious and even deadly cases of malaria may be striking the United States more often than previously reported. Learn more about malaria incidence in the country, according to a new report.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Teen Initially Denied Lung Transplant Over Marijuana Use Dies After Failed Surgery

The young man who was declined a spot on the transplant list of the University of Utah Hospital because of marijuana use has passed away. The 19-year-old received a lung transplant just four weeks ago.

Public Health April 25, 2017

Stealthing: What You Need To Know About New Trend Of Men Removing Condom Without Partner's Consent

What is stealthing? In her new study, Alexandra Brodsky answers this questions and explains why this disturbing new trend in the bedroom looks bad from any angle.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2017

Iowa Teen’s Organ And Tissues Help 194 People: Why Organ Donations Matter Today More Than Ever

An Iowa teen helped 194 people with his organ and tissue donations 15 months after his death. Currently, both deceased and living organ donors are badly needed.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2017

Climate Linked To More Drinking, Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

Cold climate with poor sunshine drives up craving for alcoholic drinks and escalates liver cirrhosis in people, according to an international study. The urge for alcohol stems from the misleading perception that a drink adds more warmth.

Public Health April 24, 2017

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