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Microsoft-Nokia deal crashes into the great wall of China

The Chinese government has put the Microsoft-Nokia deal under a microscope, and that's not good news.The completion of the Microsoft-Nokia deal has hit a roadblock in China as the country's Ministry of Commerce launches a second probe on the deal.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Nokia blames iOS 7 for yanking Here Maps

Nokia has yanked Here Maps from the App Store. The reason? "Recent changes in iOS 7 harms the user experience." Whatever that means.

TECH December 27, 2013

BlackBerry dives as Lazaridis gives up plan of taking company private

BlackBerry shares dropped on news that co-founder Mike Lazaridis is no longer interested in buying the company.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Siri versus Google Now: The voice-controlled personal assistant battle is getting hotter

Google and Apple are racing to build a smarter voice-controlled personal assistant that may revolutionize how users interact with their mobile devices.

TECH December 27, 2013

Benefits of partial meniscectomy questioned

Some medical experts think there's no benefit in undergoing knee surgery at all.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 27, 2013

LG G3 to get fingerprint sensor?

Early rumors indicate that the upcoming LG G3 will come with a built-in fingerprint sensor. If that's true, LG is set to join the likes of Apple, HTC and Pantech - companies which have incorporated the technology in their handsets.

TECH December 27, 2013

Forget Windows PC. Get a Mac Pro instead

You thought Windows PC is cheaper than Mac Pro? Hah! Think again.

TECH December 27, 2013

Twitter shares jumped to record high on Thursday: Why?

The micro-blogging site is heading one way - up. However, it's not alone.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Oppo Find 7 to boast 2K display

Oppo is not a heavyweight in the smartphone industry but when it speaks, the world listens. So, when it teased Find 7, the world paid attention.

TECH December 27, 2013

Terminator-style robotic muscle becomes reality

Researchers have built a robotic muscle that is 1,000 times more powerful than a human muscle. Terminator-style.

Robotics December 27, 2013

Amazon says sorry for shipping delay with $20 gift card

Amazon has apologized and wants to compensate customers who encountered late deliveries for Christmas, with a $20 gift card. The delays were reportedly caused by an overwhelming number of orders.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Google Glass prescription lenses debut 'just a few weeks' away

Google Glass users who need prescription lenses may soon have products to pair with the wearable technology.

TECH December 27, 2013

NASA may launch tensegrity rovers in future (Video)

New rover design using rods and cables may hold the key to small, light-weight and low-cost missions.

SCIENCE December 27, 2013

Apple stores in Japan getting ready for Fukubukuro

Apple has confirmed that it will take part in Fukubukuro sales in Japan on January 2, 2014.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Is Sony planning to flood 2014 International CES with wave of new Xperia smartphones?

If rumors are anything to go by, Sony is preparing to make a splash at 2014 International CES with a wave of Xperia smartphones.

TECH December 27, 2013

Justin Bieber scares beliebers with retirement tweet on Christmas Eve

"My beloved beliebers I'm officially retiring," the singer tweeted, sending his fans into a tizzy.

LIFE December 27, 2013

LG G3 may boast of 2K display

LG may use 2K display in its upcoming G3 flagship smartphone.

TECH December 27, 2013

Photos of Nokia Normandy leaked online

Evleaks has released photos of what appears to be an Android-powered Nokia phone prototype, dubbed Normandy.

TECH December 27, 2013

LG launches world's first Chrome OS-based desktop Chromebase

The LG Chromebase comes with several Google applications and products such as Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play and Google+ Hangouts.

TECH December 27, 2013

Say hi to Grippity, the world's first transparent Android tablet

Is this the future? Possibly, but it won't get there with Grippity.

TECH December 27, 2013

Apple may have missed China's smartphone boom

3G smartphone growth is now declining in China, which indicates that Apple may have missed the smartphone boom in the country.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

Evad3rs drops Chinese pirated app store TaiG from Evasi0n7

Jailbreaking team Evad3rs has terminated its partnership with TaiG, after reports of app piracy surfaced.

TECH December 27, 2013

Rockstar Consortium may sell off its patent portfolio

The Rockstar Consortium is offloading some of the patents in its portfolio, according to sources.

Business Tech December 27, 2013

LG to unveil chatty appliances at 2014 International CES

LG will put on display its new line of appliances that have the ability to communicate with their owners.

Smart Home December 27, 2013

Gionee launches Elife E7 mini Android smartphone with swivel camera

Chinese phone maker Gionee could become the next best thing with designs like this.

TECH December 27, 2013

Sprint-T-Mobile merger deal almost done but regulatory concerns remain

Sprint and T-Mobile have reportedly entered into possible merger talks but regulators may stand in their way.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

Did hackers collect bank PINs during recent Target card data breach?

The Target nightmare continues as new reports reveal that PINs might have been part of the data loot of hackers.

LIFE December 26, 2013

Snapchat exploits published by snubbed researchers

Australian hacking group Gibson Security has published Snapchat code and exploits documenting vulnerabilities in the app's code. The exploits can be used to match names with phone numbers of users, as well as create fake accounts en masse.

TECH December 26, 2013

Google fights back against Rockstar consortium

Google is not taking Rockstar's attack on Android, lying down. In fact, the company is aiming to bring an end to Rockstar.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

Apple granted patents for 'touch and hover' panel and embedded heart rate monitor

Apple has been granted new patents for a 'touch and hover' display, as well as for an embedded heart rate monitor.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

Medical experts up treatment threshold for older patients with hypertension

Experts recommend relaxing the target blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg to 150/90 mm Hg among adults 60 years old and above.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 26, 2013

Rap Genius gets rapped by Google for gaming search results

Rap Genius got busted by Google for promising to promote content of sites that tagged links of specific Rap Genius pages on their sites.

TECH December 26, 2013

Grab Left 4 Dead 2 while it's still free

Less than an hour left for you to grab a free copy of Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 game.

TECH December 26, 2013

CyanogenMod-installed Oppo N1 launches for a princely $599

Unless you're a fan of CyanogenMod, stay away from Oppo N1.

TECH December 26, 2013

Taiwan fines Apple for iPhone price fixing

Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission has found Apple guilty of interfering with the price structure of three local wireless carriers selling the iPhone.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

Guess who has to pay for Target card data breach?

Call center jobs are least desirable, especially if it's for Target.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

ASUS to showcase dual-boot hybrid tablet at 2014 International CES?

ASUS has kicked off its campaign of promoting 2014 International CES hardware announcements with a teaser video that suggests the Taiwanese company may unveil a dual-boot hybrid tablet at the event.

TECH December 26, 2013

Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2-inch tablet might debut at 2014 International CES

The rumored Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is expected to be unveiled at 2014 International CES.

TECH December 26, 2013

Eating peanuts, tree nuts during pregnancy may help lower risk of allergies in babies: Study

Mothers who eat more peanuts and tree nuts during pregnancy help build their children's tolerance after birth.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 26, 2013

Pediatricians worried about tablet's popularity among children

According to some experts, screen time does not provide any benefit for babies and toddlers. Too much screen time is also linked to behavior problems and delayed social development in older children.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 26, 2013

Edward Snowden says Merry Christmas to NSA (video)

NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden has broadcast a Christmas message over British television. No prizes for guessing what it says.

LIFE December 26, 2013

T-Mobile offers free Facebook access to GoSmart customers

T-Mobile will be providing free wireless access to Facebook for its GoSmart Mobile prepaid service users.

Business Tech December 26, 2013

BlackBerry co-founder gives up on takeover plan, offloads stake in company

BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis has sold his shares worth $27.4 million in the company.

Business Tech December 25, 2013

Target warns of phishing and scam emails following massive card data breach

Some Target customers affected by credit card and debit card data breach have received phishing and scam emails, the retailer said.

Business Tech December 25, 2013

Another reason to be Google employee: Lending Club

Google may soon offer personal loans to its employees at a cheaper rate.

Business Tech December 25, 2013

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