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U.S. will take 10 years to trust us: Huawei

Huawei says it will take the U.S. a decade to trust it and resolve the cyber security concerns..

Business Tech October 20, 2013

SoftBank pays $1.26 bn, takes charge of Brightstar with 57 pct stake

SoftBank has paid a whopping $1.26 billion to acquire 57 percent stakes in cellphone distributor Brightstar Corp.

Business Tech October 20, 2013

Boy scouts leaders receive death threats after destroying 20-million year old Goblin rock formation

Boy scouts leaders who destroyed a 20-million year old rock at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah, have received death threats.

Life October 20, 2013

Walmart fires, offers to reinstate employee who rescues assaulted woman

Walmart has asked an employee to join back after it fired him for trying to rescue a woman being assaulted on its parking lot.

Life October 20, 2013

Get your own real dinosaur skeleton for £500k

Bones of a Diplodocus longus, a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic era, will be put on sale in Britain in November.

Science October 20, 2013

Scientists stumped by whacky planetary system

A recent discovery of tilted orbits in multi-planetary system has stumped scientists.

Science October 20, 2013

Saturn's glory fully captured by NASA

The Cassini-Huygens mission of NASA recently snapped a set of images of Saturn. After processing, the mosaics produced footprints of what could be some of the most amazing images of the ringed-planet.

Science October 20, 2013

Oracle beats IBM to become No.2 business software maker by revenue

Oracle beats IBM to become the second largest software company by revenue.

Business Tech October 20, 2013

I'm not a traitor: Snowden says Russia, China did not get secret documents

Facing charges under the Espionage Act, Edward Snowden denies supplying Russian and China with NSA secrets.

Life October 20, 2013

PS3 GTA V bundle helps console beat Xbox 360 in sales

Sony's PlayStation 3 bundle with Grand Theft Auto V breaks Microsoft's 32-month long console streak.

Tech October 20, 2013

BART strike leaves over 400,000 SF Bay area commuters paralyzed and in fear

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) operators walked off for second time in four months, leaving hundreds of thousands without truly reliable transportation.

Life October 20, 2013

Google shares blow past $1000-mark first time ever on back of strong Q3 results

Mobile and video advertising surge helped Google stock surge beyond $1,000.

Business Tech October 20, 2013

Samsung wants its patent wars with Apple to end (at least for five years)

Samsung wants to halt its patent wars with companies such as Apple, for at least five years.

Business Tech October 20, 2013

Cupertino council approves Apple spaceship campus project

The city council of Cupertino has given permission for Apple's spaceship (campus) to land.

Business Tech October 19, 2013

Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson to head Homeland Security

Jeh Johnson has been nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Department of Homeland Security.

Life October 19, 2013

Jason Kidd's No.5 jersey retired by the Nets

Jason Kidd's No.5 jersey has been retired by the Nets.

Life October 19, 2013

James Bond Lotus Esprit 'submarine car' to run on Tesla engine, says Musk

Elon Musk turns his eye to building a real car-submarine and has purchased the old Lotus Esprit 'submarine car' used for the 1977 James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me."

Car Tech October 19, 2013

Top tech companies don't necessarily pay top salary

A recent report suggests that top technology companies do not necessarily pay top salary to their employees.

Business Tech October 19, 2013

eBay poaches on Apple executive R.J. Pittman to enhance online shopping experience

eBay has hired R.J. Pittman as chief products officer of its marketplaces business. He will be primarily responsible for improving the online shopping experience.

Business Tech October 19, 2013

Twitter direct messaging app coming soon?

There are reports that Twitter might be mulling about a standalone direct messaging app to expand its service and keep up with competition.

Tech October 18, 2013

Yeti mystery solved? British scientist claims it's real and cousin of polar bear

A British scientist has suggested that the legendary Yeti could be a hybrid of the polar and brown bears.

Science October 18, 2013

Martin MacNeill trial kicks off: Innocent or monster?

The prosecution is out to prove that Martin MacNeill is guilty of first degree murder. The former doctor in Utah allegedly murdered wife Michele after she confronted her husband about an alleged affair.

Life October 18, 2013

AMD Q3 earnings beat Street estimates but stock slumps on gloomy outlook

AMD has reported a profit in Q3 2013 but the company's stock slumped due to gloomy future outlook.

Business Tech October 18, 2013

Is iPhone 5c a terrible mistake?

Apple is reportedly cutting down iPhone 5c production, fueling speculations that the smartphone is a failure.

Tech October 18, 2013

Verizon sees Q3 profit surge on strong subscriber base

Verizon has announced an increase in the company's profit in Q3 2013 and has also added over a million new customers to its network.

Business Tech October 18, 2013

Dead fetus found inside bag of Victoria's Secret shoplifter

A 17-year old girl was busted on suspicions of shoplifting at a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan, and police found something else in her bag - a dead fetus.

Life October 18, 2013

Massive manhunt kicks off for two convicted killers released on fake paperwork

Authorities in Florida are red-faced after being duped by two life-term inmates they wrongfully released after receiving falsified documents.

Life October 18, 2013

Google stock surges on sunny Q3 earnings announcement

Google shares surged after the company made its Q3 2013 earnings announcement.

Business Tech October 18, 2013

Human form of mad cow disease confirmed in Britain: 1 in 2,000 may be carrier

A human form of mad cow disease, vCJD, has been confirmed and 1 in 2,000 people may be carriers of the disease in Britain.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 18, 2013

Apple may cut iPhone 5c orders as demand cools

Apple iPhone 5C is probably not performing as well as the company had hoped.

Tech October 18, 2013

Russian flesh eating zombie drug claims victims in the US

The Russian drug Krokodil may have claimed its first victim in the U.S.

Life October 18, 2013

3 weddings and a funeral: Mom dies of cancer day after 3 daughters get married

Knowing that their mom has a very slim chance against cancer, three daughters from Georgia did everything to marry their grooms-to-be quickly. The community also rallied behind them to make the wish of a dying mom come true.

Life October 18, 2013

Biggest star in Milky Way in death throes, say fascinated scientists

W26, the largest known star in the cosmos, is nearing its end, per scientists.

Science October 18, 2013

India home to highest number of modern day slaves: 14 million

A new survey shows that there are more than 30 million people in the world still struggling with slavery. India tops the count for most slave victims while Mauritania leads in terms of slave and population ratio.

Life October 18, 2013

Want healthy sperms? Eat fish, ditch bacon

Bacon and other processed foods might be harmful to sperms, a new study has found.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 18, 2013

Indonesia beats China as origin of cyber attacks

Indonesia is now the number one country where cyber attacks originate.

Tech October 18, 2013

Cyborg bugs may lead search-and-rescue missions in future

Cyborg insects carrying radio transmitters could lead search-and-research missions in the future.

Robotics October 18, 2013

Wireless EV chargers to be disguised as manhole covers in NYC

Hevo Power is working on wireless EV chargers that will be disguised as manhole covers in NYC.

Car Tech October 18, 2013

Verizon kicks off same-day delivery service pilot run in Philadelphia

Verizon joins Ebay, Amazon and Google in offering same-day delivery to customers.

Business Tech October 17, 2013

eBay earnings solid but stock slumps on weak outlook

eBay announced that its revenue for Q3 2013 has increased but share prices dropped due to gloom future outlook of the company.

Business Tech October 17, 2013

Forget PayPal: Square Cash lets you send instant cash anywhere via email

Could Square Cash become the best alternative to Paypal with its simple ways of sending cash?

Tech October 17, 2013

IBM profit surges but revenue disappoints

IBM has reported a profit increase in Q3 2013 but also announced that total revenue has dropped for the quarter.

Business Tech October 17, 2013

Government shutdown ends as Congress approves bill, raise debt ceiling

A 16-day partial government shutdown has ended with Obama signing a short-term bill.

Life October 17, 2013

Bikini-clad California mom photo creates stir: Inspiring or offensive?

Maria Kang posed for a photo in a bikini with her three kids and uploaded it to Facebook. The controversial image purported to inspire, has instead sparked a debate on the Internet and mainstream media.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 17, 2013

Rare saber-tooth whale found dead in California shore

A rare saber-tooth whale washed ashore and was found dead at the Venice Beach in Southern California.

Science October 17, 2013

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