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Optical zoom-in smartphones? HTC says why not as category takes dead aim at DSLRs

HTC smartphones may soon be adding optical zooms. The race remains on for consumer image capture habits.

Tech April 19, 2014

Think Facebook's Nearby Friends feature is creepy? Here's why you shouldn't

Facebook introduced a new feature called Nearby Friends that lets you find your friends based on their location. Although the new feature is optional, the Internet still went absolutely nuts with privacy concerns following the announcement.

Tech April 19, 2014

HTC One M8 review: High-end design, gorgeous display, and more make it the best smartphone on the market

The HTC One M8 proves that the best Android smartphone on the market isn't coming from Samsung any longer and its combination of premium parts and high end specs make it the best new smartphone regardless of platform.

Tech April 19, 2014

Are Americans technophobes? They fear drones, robots and Google Glass, Pew report suggests

A new survey shows Americans both love - and fear - technology. What possible futures scare Americans the most?

Tech April 19, 2014

Kill switch debate grows hotter as U.S. smartphone thefts double

U.S. smartphone theft is on the rise, making it more evident that we need a kill-switch in every mobile device.

Tech April 19, 2014

Nike kills FuelBand, bids wearable technology market goodbye

News came out like wildfire that Nike is cutting jobs and dropping its FuelBand wearable fitness tracker device. While there's no official confirmation from the company, market analysts weigh in on the hot issue.

Tech April 19, 2014

Colorectal cancer is not just due to the yummy processed meats, blame genetics, too: Study

Scientists have found evidence that shows processed meats can increase the risks of colorectal cancer even more for people with certain genes. The new study emphasizes the risks of eating too much processed meat.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2014

Free drug samples for doctors may end up costing patients a lot: Study

Free drug samples may be pushing doctors to prescribe expensive medications over cheaper generic options, study finds. The result can be higher costs for both patients and health insurers.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2014

Childhood bullying victims more prone to depression, suicide, and anxiety in adulthood: Study

A new study shows that cases of anxiety and depression in adults may be linked to bullying during childhood. The study sheds new light on the long term physical and mental effects of bullying.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2014

'Genetic switches' spelled the difference between Neanderthals and modern humans

Scientists have discovered that genetic switches controlling the activation of certain genes resulted in the differences between Neanderthals on modern humans. The switches caused differentiations in the DNA between the two species.

Science April 19, 2014

Google conspiring to build digital superstate, claims German media tycoon

Google has received new criticism over its power of the Internet from a German publishing house's CEO, sparking what could be the beginning of a war of words that cross the ocean.

Business Tech April 19, 2014

Google Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android: Will it kill LogMeIn?

Google has announced its entrance into remote access connectivity between your desktop and smartphone in a new move that positions the company to once again lead on innovation.

Tech April 19, 2014

Three-million-year-old landscape found intact deep below Greenland ice sheet

Deep beneath the ice sheet of Greenland lies a tundra, once alive with forests. What can the ice sheet tell us about global climate change?

Science April 19, 2014

Awards, rare appearance, a big anniversary all part of NY Auto Show

The Mustang celebrates 50 years and the Camry gets kudos for redesign. All that plus lots of awards highlight this year's New York Auto Show.

Car Tech April 19, 2014

12 Gold biscuits inside Indian businessman's tummy stun doctors

The Indian businessman definitely has guts to swallow and to lie in exchange of smuggling gold, but he paid a hefty price following a medical discomfort and an operation. Doctors couldn't believe what they saw inside his stomach.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2014

Samsung now wants its Milk music service users to pay $4 per month for ads-free streaming

Ever got milked by Milk? There's a first time for everything thanks to Samsung.

Tech April 19, 2014

Lunar spacecraft LADEE makes moon its final resting place

The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer has come to its end after being intentionally crashed on the moon. So, why were mission planners so happy sending their creation to its doom?

Science April 19, 2014

Chimps like their beds firm and stable, preferably Ugandan ironwood: Study

Chimps are picky when it comes to building material for their nighttime sleeping nests, scientists find. In fact, only one kind of wood will do.

Science April 19, 2014

Bizarre: NSA whistleblower Snowden questions Putin, adopted country about surveillance on national TV

In what many Western commentators are saying was a staged event, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden went on Russian TV to question President Vladimir Putin about surveillance and privacy.

Life April 19, 2014

Eyefi Cloud allows users to sync digital camera photos to the cloud instantly: Good idea but there's a barrier

Eyefi offers cloud service to share photos with other devices without hassle.

Tech April 19, 2014

Hello, Clone: Scientists grow stem cells from adults using cloning techniques

Two separate studies have initially proven that stem cells can grow from human cloning, which could pave the way for regenerative medicine in the future. But critics say this could also reopen debates over ethical issues of human cloning.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 19, 2014

iPhone 6 silicone case with rectangular volume buttons and side power button appears

New images of what is reportedly a third-party silicone case for the iPhone 6 have appeared. They back up reports that the smartphone will have a larger display and new location for its power button.

Tech April 19, 2014

Kepler-186f: Discovery of Earth-like exoplanet in 'habitable zone' of star suggests we may not be alone

Kepler has discovered what appears to be an Earth-sized planet in a star’s habitable zone. The discovery is considered to be the most Earth-like exoplanet ever found.

Science April 19, 2014

HTC turns to former Samsung exec to boost marketing

HTC wants what Samsung is having for dinner, so what better way to do it than recruit the former chef.

Tech April 19, 2014

Google Camera app hits Play Store, comes with Lens Blur and Panorama features

With the wide range of camera apps coming around these days, who still needs a professional camera dangling heavy on your shoulders? Google Camera app helps you do away with it, at least for those who rely on their phone for photography.

Tech April 18, 2014

People of color exposed to higher air pollution: Why?

A new nationwide study shows that people of color often live in areas more prone to air pollution compared to caucasians. The study may also have important implications to the health of “nonwhite” Americans.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

Fearing Tech: Americans report fear and love for tech innovation

Americans embrace many ideas straight out of science fiction but seem happy with the technological inventions available to them now, based on a new study. Eight in 10 think custom organ transplants will become reality within the next 50years, but only one in five think humans will ever control the weather.

Tech April 18, 2014

Hello, Saturn: How's Peggy doing today?

Scientists have new discoveries about the fate of Saturn's newest moon-child, Peggy. Could Peggy survive or disintegrate in space?

Science April 18, 2014

Chrome Remote Desktop now available for Android: Access your PCs and Macs on the go

Something to be happy about for Android users. Google launched its Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices, so now you can access your documents in Macs or PCs remotely through your Android devices. Learn how, here.

Tech April 18, 2014

Google's Project Ara will let you snap together a smartphone: Nightmare for phone manufacturers?

Will Google's Project Ara turn the smartphone industry around with its interchangeable-component type of mobile phone? We still have to wait several months to judge the product, but here's what observers and critics think.

Tech April 18, 2014

Nothing casual about it: Recreational marijuana use harmful to user brain, study claims

A study of casual marijuana use claims changes in the brain structure among recreational smokers. So why are some medical researchers claiming the study was flawed, and who paid for the report?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

Food texture determines what (and how much) we choose to eat

People perceive hard, rough-textured foods as lower in calories than soft, smooth ones. Mouthfeel may affect our dieting choices.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

Free charging on electric cars. It's the next big push to buy one

Nissan rolls out "No Charge to Charge" initiative on battery-powered Leaf.

Car Tech April 18, 2014

Facebook updates Paper, says users flip through 80 stories each day

Facebook added several must-have features to its new iOS app Paper on Friday. The social network responded to user feedback to make Paper even better.

Tech April 18, 2014

Radio Shack offers special deal on iPhone 5S: Free with trade-in, $100 with new contract

The struggling electronics retailer, which announced store closings in early March, is clearly hoping to gain some traction with the latest smartphone deal. But will it be enough to help the company make its much needed turnaround?

Tech April 18, 2014

Sex reversal: Neotrogla females have spiny penis, can copulate for nearly 3 days

Scientists have found strange cave insects in Brazil that exhibit sex reversal. The females of this strange insect group have spiny "penises" while the males have vagina-like openings.

Science April 18, 2014

HTC hires marketing gun from Samsung -- can he do for HTC what he did for the Galaxy?

HTC has hired on Paul Golden who is responsible for the Galaxy brand growth over the past four years. Will he work his magic on the HTC One?

Tech April 18, 2014

New study reveals just toking pot once a week causes brain abnormalities

Research reveals just toking up once a week impact the brain. But will such news keep pot lovers from enjoying festivals such as this weekend's Denver 420.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

Smartphone thefts double in number as users aren't bothering to use simple security, says study

A new report notes smartphones were stolen twice as often in 2013 as in the previous year. Owners aren't even bothering to use simple built-in security features, the study finds.

Tech April 18, 2014

Childhood bullying has lifelong negative impacts on victims, says new study

New report reveals bullies' behavior in young years has detrimental impact on victims as they grow up. Victims tend to earn less, have trouble with relationships and also suffer health issues.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

SpaceX cargo mission sets sights for Friday launch but weather gods may play spoilsport

Private space launch firm SpaceX is all set to launch cargo craft to the International Space Station. However, the launch attempt could face problems with the weather as thunderstorms and showers are being predicted.

Science April 18, 2014

Kepler-186f exoplanet may hold liquid water and signs of alien lifeforms

Planet around distant star is first Earth-size world found in habitable zone, scientists say. It could possess the liquid water necessary for life.

Science April 18, 2014

Groovy news! Vinyl record sales climbing since 2009 ... for real

Still a small sliver of total albums sales, vinyl record sales on uptick over last five years. Renaissance attributed to nostalgia, sound quality and iconic cover art.

Life April 18, 2014

Delayed cord clamping following newborn's birth is a good thing, says study

By delaying cord clamping and cutting, a newborn is able to get back needed placenta blood, which helps avoid iron deficiency. Research indicates it may also help mom-child bonding.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2014

Facebook's 'Nearby Friends' real-time location-sharing feature is pretty neat

Facebook has launched a new feature that helps locate friends who are close-at-hand. Nearby Friends is an optional feature that users can select to find friends who nearby or turn off when they want to fly solo.

Tech April 18, 2014

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