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'Fortnite' Beats 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Record For Most Number Of Players At The Same Time, But Did It Really?

'Fortnite' set a new record with 3.4 million concurrent players, beating 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' which had 3.2 million concurrent players at the turn of 2018. The achievement, however, comes with a catch.

Culture February 12, 2018

Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real And It Can Be Fatal If Not Treated Right Away

The broken heart syndrome is real after all. Experts say physical and emotional stress, and the death of a loved one often causes this condition known as Takasubo Cardiomyopathy.

Health February 12, 2018

NASA Makes History: New Horizons Captures Photos At Greatest Distance From Earth

Last December, the New Horizons spacecraft snapped images of objects along Kuiper Belt. At billions of kilometers away in outer space, these photos set the record for being the farthest to be captured from Earth.

Science February 12, 2018

Deadly Flu Season In Full Swing, Up To 4,000 Weekly Deaths Recorded

Latest updates from the CDC show that the flu season is set to make all-high records and it hasn't even peaked yet. More than 40,000 deaths were recorded and the numbers are still on the rise.

Health February 12, 2018

What's Next For SpaceX After Falcon Heavy's First Successful Launch?

After launching the world’s most powerful rocket, what other tricks does SpaceX have up its sleeve? Well, Falcon Heavy was just a start, as the company has been building something even bigger in preparation for Mars.

Science February 12, 2018

Schizophrenia Patients Learn To Control Verbal Hallucinations Using Video Game

Schizophrenia patients were asked to play a video game that involves moving a rocket using their own mental strategy. They eventually learned how to control part of their brain associated with verbal hallucinations.

Health February 12, 2018

Trump Administration Wants To Turn Over The International Space Station To The Private Sector

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to turn over the International Space Station to the private sector after the White House cuts funding by 2025. Will this move really push through?

Science February 12, 2018

Microsoft Wants To Put An End To Passwords Once And For All

Microsoft will not include password use as default requirement for the next test release of Windows 10 S, indicating of the company’s plan to kill passwords in favor of biometrics and other form of authentication.

Tech February 12, 2018

Apple Uploads 3 HomePod Tutorial Videos To Teach You How To Use Your Smart Speaker

Apple has uploaded three HomePod tutorial videos on YouTube that discussed the speaker’s basic setting configurations, the touch controls, and making full use of Siri to listen music on the smart device.

Tech February 12, 2018

E-cigarette Liquid Flavorings May Still Cause Lung Damage Even Without Nicotine

The liquid flavorings in e-cigarettes may still damage the lungs regardless that they do not contain nicotine. Here are the most dangerous flavors that were found to be most toxic to lung cells.

Health February 11, 2018

Do You Hate The New Snapchat Update? Here's How To Bring Back The Old Design For iOS And Android

The latest Snapchat update has been rolled out and users are already complaining about the new design. Here's how to bring back the old version of the app on iOS and Android devices.

Tech February 11, 2018

Friday The 13th: The Game Single-Player Mode On Its Way: Here's The First Look

Gun Media uploaded a video that provides the first look at the "Friday the 13th: The Game" single-player mode. The trailer shows Jason Voorhees killing two teenagers as they try to fix their broken-down car.

Culture February 11, 2018

iPhone Source Code Leakster Reportedly A Former Apple Intern

Apple's leaked iPhone source code was recently posted on Github. Reports confirm that a former intern stole the code and even more from the company.

Tech February 11, 2018

Bungie Changes Up 'Destiny 2' Nightfall Strikes With New Scoring System

Nightfall Strikes in 'Destiny 2' will no longer have a timer as confirmed by Bungie. The game mode will switch to a new scoring system in the next update.

Culture February 11, 2018

How Top Uber Lawyer Tony West And CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Convinced Waymo To Accept $250 Million Settlement

The nasty legal fight between Uber and Waymo over self-driving technology has officially come to a close, with Uber settling for $245 million. How did that happen?

Tech February 11, 2018

Viacom's Streaming Service: All Of The Details You Need To Know

Viacom has announced plans to launch a new streaming service later this year. Here are all of the details you need to know about Viacom’s new streaming service.

Culture February 11, 2018

Nintendo Switch Hackers Manage To Load Linux On The Hybrid Console, And It 'Can't Be Patched'

The hacking group known as fail0overfow posted a photo on Twitter that shows a Linux boot screen on the Nintendo Switch. They claim that the new exploit is immune to patches from the company.

Culture February 11, 2018

Facebook Is Lending 5 People $1 Million For Community Leaders Initiative: What You Need To Know

Facebook just launched a Community Leadership Program where chosen community leaders will receive training and mentorship plus funds for their ideas on how to bring people closer together. The contest is open to everyone worldwide.

Tech February 11, 2018

Mother Of 5 Dies Of TB Meningitis After Migraine Misdiagnosis

A mother of five lost her life in 2015 after her TB meningitis was misdiagnosed with a migraine. According to her husband, she could have been saved had proper diagnosis procedures been followed.

Health February 11, 2018

Power Of Pets: Companion Animals A Major Source Of Support For People With Mental Health Problems

Research review finds that pets actually provide valuable support to their owners with mental health problems. The pros of pet ownership evidently outweigh the cons.

Health February 11, 2018

The Sun Will Be Cooler By 2050: Will This End Climate Change?

Due to a phenomenon called Grand Minimum, the sun will be unusually cooler by the mid-century. Global temperatures are expected to drop but will this end global warming?

Science February 11, 2018

Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma To Stop Agressive Marketing Of Opioids

Purdue Pharma announced that it has reduced its sales force with its decision to stop promoting its blockbuster drug Oxycontin to doctors. Will this have a significant impact on the opioid epidemic?

Health February 11, 2018

Fitness Instructor 'In Good Health' Revealed To Have Died From The Flu

A fitness instructor's sudden death in early January is now known to have been caused by the influenza A (H1N1) virus. The current flu season is said to be just as bad as the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

Health February 11, 2018

Sonos Congratulates Apple For HomePod Launch, Then Throws Shade By Creating A Mock Playlist

Sonos just mocked Apple as it launched its HomePod smart speaker, but even if it’s throwing shade, Sonos still wants to be friends with the Cupertino company.

Tech February 11, 2018

Matchmaker Amy Van Doran Of Modern Love Club Gives Advice On How To Find Love Online

Looking for advice on how to find love online? We sat down with Modern Love Club's matchmaker, Amy Van Doran, and got advice some on how to improve chances of finding love online.

Health February 11, 2018

Mom Gives Daughter Marijuana Gummies To Reduce Anxiety, Says Report

Sylvia A. Rubio, a 38-year-old from Radium Springs, New Mexico, gave her 13-year-old daughter marijuana gummies to help her reduce symptoms of anxiety. She was charged with child abuse and distributing marijuana to a minor.

Culture February 11, 2018

NASA, International Team Of Scientists Conduct Snow Studies At The 2018 Winter Olympics

NASA scientists and their colleagues from 19 countries are also at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea to observe snow. What are the objectives of their work?

Science February 10, 2018

This Electronic Skin Can Help Amputees Sense Temperature And Pressure On Their Prosthetic Limbs

The e-skin mimics some of the properties of real human skin. It can measure pressure, temperature, humidity, and airflow, which can help improve the prosthetic limbs used by amputees.

Science February 10, 2018

Massive VLC 3.0 Update Brings Chromecast Support, 8K, HDR, 3D Audio, And More

VideoLAN has rolled out VLC 3.0 Vetinari, a massive update to the popular media player that brings a ton of new features, such as Chromecast support, 8K playback, and more. It’s now available on nearly all major platforms.

Tech February 10, 2018

Health Benefits Of Sex? Frequent Sexual Activity Adds More Meaning To Life, Says Study

In a study, women were asked about their current significant relationship, the longevity of their relationship, and how meaningful they thought their life was. Researchers have found that having high sexual activity suggested that people had a positive mood the next day. 

Health February 10, 2018

Plants Fall Asleep To Anesthesia Like Humans About To Undergo Surgery, Says Study

Scientists soaked the roots of Venus flytraps with anesthesia and found they could fall asleep within 45 minutes, similar to humans who are about to undergo major surgery.

Science February 10, 2018

The Secret 'Metroid Prime 4' Developer For Nintendo Switch Finally Revealed: You Wouldn't Have Guessed It

EuroGamer has confirmed the identity of the secret developer working on 'Metroid Prime 4' for the Nintendo Switch. Retro Studios, which was behind the original 'Metroid Prime' trilogy, is not involved in the project.

Culture February 10, 2018

CDC Says The Flu Season Has Gotten As Bad As The Swine Flu In 2009

This year’s flu season has killed many, and it’s still ongoing just when experts thought it's hit peak levels. Now, it’s apparently as bad as the swine flu years ago.

Health February 10, 2018

Man's Rectum 'Fell Out' While Playing Phone Games On The Toilet: Report

After thirty minutes of playing mobile games while sitting on a toilet, a man in China felt a lump fall out of his anus. As it turns out, his rectum had fallen out of his body.

Health February 10, 2018

Drug Causing Blue Urine Could Prevent Transmission Of Malaria

Who would’ve thought that something as an ordinary dye could solve a deadly epidemic? Researchers may have finally found the solution to prevent malaria transmission but it has some strange side effects.

Health February 10, 2018

Apple AirPods Started Smoking And Exploded In Florida Gym

A man from Tampa, Florida reported that one of his Apple AirPods started billowing out white smoke while he was working out in a gym. The wireless earbud eventually exploded, though fortunately, he was not wearing it at the time.

Tech February 10, 2018

Kiwi Fruit Linked To Allergic Reactions In Rhode Island

Students in Rhode Island were given antihistamines and sent to the emergency room because of allergic reactions that surfaced after they ate fresh kiwi fruits. Who is most at risk of kiwi fruit allergy?

Health February 10, 2018

Viral Photo Reveals Gross Bacteria From Restroom Hand Dryer, But There's No Need To Panic

A student's microbiology assignment ended up becoming a viral Facebook post about the hygiene of hand dryers. The petri dish looks disturbing, but there seems to be no need to panic (or death threats).

Health February 10, 2018

Special UV Light May Kill Flu Viruses And Prevent Spread Of Diseases In Public Places

The Far-UVC light can kill airborne pathogens in public places without causing damage to skin tissues. What makes it better than vaccine when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases?

Health February 10, 2018

Gerber Chooses Toddler With Down Syndrome To Be Its 2018 Spokesbaby

Lucas Warren, the new face of baby food company Gerber, is about to change how the world views disabilities. All he needs to do is flash his charming smile.

Health February 10, 2018

Falcon Heavy A Hoax? Flat Earthers Imply Recent SpaceX Launch Was Faked

The Flat Earth Society does not directly say that the launch was faked, but many flat earthers are pretty peeved with the latest launch. The society warns the public to 'exercise caution' when it comes to the internet.

Science February 10, 2018

Uber Pays $245M To Settle Self-Driving Tech Dispute With Waymo, Setting The Tone For Its Future

Uber reached a $245 million settlement with Waymo to end their legal dispute over stolen self-driving technology. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi also released a statement that sets the tone for the company's future.

Tech February 9, 2018

You Can Now Ask Alexa To Create Your Music Playlists For You

Amazon is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to create music playlists through voice command. This new Alexa capability is initially available to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music subscribers in the United States.

Tech February 9, 2018

Here's Why You Feel More Hungry After You Lose Weight

After losing a large amount of weight, most people experience an increased feeling of hunger and this was previously thought to be entirely psychological. However, a recent study proved there are physical mechanisms working behind.

Health February 9, 2018

Hummingbird Strengths A Combination Of Skills And Inherent Traits: Study

Hummingbirds are undoubtedly talented creatures when it comes to flight. New research has found that hummingbirds maximize their strengths by combining their inherent traits and learned skills.

Science February 9, 2018

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