Red Hat releases new OpenStack Platform 5


Red Hat, a provider of Linux and open source technology, is introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5, the latest edition of its OpenStack product line.

It is available now. A version that integrates Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 will be available in a few weeks.

This is the third enterprise release of the Red Hat OpenStack integrated platform. It is intended to harness OpenStack features for building OpenStack-powered clouds for advanced cloud users, telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and public cloud hosting providers. OpenStack delivers massively scalable cloud operating systems.

The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenStack technologies offers IT companies the flexibility to quickly meet customer demands with security, performance and availability already addressed.

RHEL OpenStack Platform 5 is based on OpenStack's Icehouse release. Icehouse is the ninth release of OpenStack's open source software for building public, private and hybrid clouds.

The platform includes new features that will make enterprise adoption of OpenStack technology in existing data centers easier and will make it a more reliable and stable cloud platform.

One of the objectives behind the new release is support for integration with VMware infrastructure, including virtualization, management, networking and storage. Support for VMware vSphere and the VMware NSX plugin are also included. Better placement of workloads across cloud resources is another intended function, so workloads are spread more broadly across the OpenStack cloud.

There are new cryptographic security standards in place now from U.S. and UK sources. RHELOSP5 includes these rules in providing better support for virtual machines. The new release also improves the interoperability of networking stacks, with a new modular plugin for Neutron.

As a package, Red Hat sees RHEL OpenStack Platform 5 as a dependable and efficient problem-solver for IT departments.

"We see momentum behind OpenStack as a private cloud platform of choice from enterprise customers and service providers alike," said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager of virtualization and OpenStack for Red Hat. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 not only offers a production-ready, supported version of OpenStack Icehouse, but it brings a number of features that will simplify its use, and enhance dependability for enterprise users."

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