Uber To Deliver Adoptable Kittens On Thursday For 15 Minutes Of Snuggle Time


What can $30 do for you on a stressful or boring Thursday late morning to mid-afternoon without needing to move around so much? Believe it or not, your $30 can get you 15-minute snuggles with the cutest kittens you can set your sights on delivered by Uber directly to your home or workplace. It's the truth and it's happening in over 50 cities across North America!

Between 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. on Oct. 29, Uber will be delivering kittens to wherever you are if you open the Uber application on your device and request the "KITTENS" option. Since Uber is collaborating with the Just Paws Cat Rescue, Annex Cat Rescue, Etobicoke Humane Society and the Team Cat Rescue for Kitten Thursday, all the kittens that will arrive with the representatives from the shelter or rescue are eligible for adoption. Yes, that means if you want a lifetime of kitty snuggles, you can go ahead and ask the representatives how you can adopt the little kitties and give them a permanent home.

Uber also asks for everyone's patience because they can already foresee that demand will be high for the kittens but it promised to do its best in delivering the furry little babies to as many people as possible within the time they allotted for #UberKITTENS.

To avoid any mishaps and longing looks, Uber also requests those who will be requesting for #UberKITTENS in offices and closed spaces where many people are together to make sure that no one around the area has a cat allergy and that it is genuinely allowed to bring in pets inside the building. The best place to have kitty snuggles is in an enclosed space with no holes in the walls since nobody wants to get the curious little kitties stuck in a hole or hide there instead of giving snuggles, right?

If, worse comes to worst, you are one of the unlucky people the kitties don't get to reach in time, you can always drop by the rescue shelters Uber collaborated with to visit the kittens yourself.

In case you were wondering what is up with the kittens, Oct. 29 is National Cat Day.

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