There is a Craigslist for the super-rich


Need to get that 15th-century Italian castle off your hands? Not a problem thanks to Bloomberg terminal's classified section, which acts like Craigslist for the uber-wealthy.

Bloomberg terminal is a service that provides data, real-time financial analytics and news for finance professionals. With an annual subscription fee of $24,000 a year, the service isn't exactly for your everyday man looking for some finance news. Its classified section, aptly named POSH, doesn't list your average Craigslist deals, either.

As BuzzFeed noticed, the classified listings sell items like airplanes, $20 million estates in Mallorca and $40,000 beautiful dressage horses. This isn't too surprising, given the fact that the service is used by investment bankers, venture capitalists and other people who can afford to pay the hefty price for the terminal subscription.

Some of the listings are so rarefied that you are not sure if you're looking at a classifed listing or a museum catalog. One of our personal favorite listings was a recently restored Jeep that was gifted to President Eisenhower and returned to the Scottish National Trust upon his death.

However, POSH isn't the only one  with outrageous classified listings. EBay recently put up an Italian alpine village for sale for approximately $333,057. Compared with some of the prices seen on POSH, that price seems pretty reasonable. Though you cannot peruse the POSH listings yourself unless you want to fork over the $24,000 subscription fee, head over to BuzzFeed  to see more depressing examples of how the 1 percent lives. 

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