You Can Help Fight AIDS By Taking Selfies

The selfies you take through Snapchat might actually do some good on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Bono's RED is partnering with Snapchat to offer three photo filters on World AIDS Day, which is a global effort to help raise money for organizations aimed at fighting AIDS.

Also part of the partnership is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which will donate $3 to RED every time a user sends a Snap using one of the three filters.

RED has partnered with a number of major tech companies. Last year, the organization partnered with Apple, with money spent on certain apps being donated entirely to the organization. The year before last, Foursquare was the partner.

The filters will go live in each region starting at midnight, and they will be available for 24 hours. The Gates Foundation is set to donate as much as $3 million, so to hit that goal, there will need to be one million Snaps sent using the new filters. When Snapchat sells the idea of filters to advertisers, it normally guarantees tens of millions of Snaps, so it's certainly likely that the filters will be used a million times over the day.

Via: Re/Code

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