Panasonic Is Developing A Robot That Can Pick Tomatoes

11 December 2015, 4:05 pm EST By Christian de Looper Tech Times
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Panasonic has proposed a number of new robotic solutions this week at the International Robot Exhibition, which could be of great help in a range of different industries.

Perhaps the most interesting of those is a robot that can use sensors and image processing technology to pick tomatoes.

Using the tech, the robot is essentially able to see color, shape and location of tomatoes and other fruits, which have typically been difficult to harvest with machines, while still leaving the plant intact. Not only that, but in conjunction with a network, the robot can transport those tomatoes and change baskets, meaning that it can take care of the entire harvesting process quickly and easily.

According to Panasonic, the robot is still under development. This robot, however, wasn't the only one unveiled by the company.

Another of the robots unveiled by Panasonic is essentially aimed at being able to autonomously deliver items to a pre-set destination. The robot uses maps of the facility at which it's located to find rooms and corridors, and is even able to use the elevator to change floors. When it sees people, the robot will slow down, and it is able to maneuver around people if it has enough space. Panasonic suggests that the robot could be used in a hospital to deliver medicine and specimens.

Source: Panasonic

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