HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1 leaked by Verizon and includes BlinkFeed, TV remote, and more

An image of the unannounced HTC One M8 for Windows has made an appearance on Verizon's website. The image confirms it will ship with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and HTC customizations.

When HTC took the wraps off of its aluminum HTC One smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2013, it signaled the beginning of HTC's comeback. Samsung wasn't always the top manufacturer of Android smartphones; it took that title away from HTC in 2010. Since then, Samsung has extended its lead by flooding the market with Android handsets ranging from low-end/entry level to its current high-end/flagship devices like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3.

The original HTC One was met with positive reviews and many Android smartphone fans chose the aluminum wrapped handset over Samsung's plastic Galaxy S4. Many reports claimed that Samsung was completely caught off guard by the release of the HTC One and was rumored to begin development of a smartphone made out of premium materials. The company was widely expected to launch two versions of the Galaxy S5; one model was rumored to be called the Galaxy S5 Standard and feature a plastic case and 1080p display and the second model was the Galaxy S5 Prime, which would ship with a metal case and Quad HD display.

Samsung kicked off Mobile World Congress 2014 and the company only introduced one Galaxy S5 and it rocked the company's usual plastic shell. HTC unveiled the HTC One M8 in March and it kept the full-aluminum shell of its predecessor but included upgrades like a larger 1080p display and a new UltraPixel Duo Camera. We had the opportunity to review the smartphone and deemed it the best smartphone on the market.

We recently reported that HTC was planning to release a version of the HTC One M8 running Windows Phone and the handset was rumored to be making its way to Verizon. HTC has sent out invites for a press event scheduled for Aug. 19 where it will officially launch the "HTC One M8 for Windows."

PCMag is reporting that the rumors of Verizon carrying the HTC One M8 for Windows looks to be a done deal, as an image of the smartphone has appeared on Verizon's website. The image shows the Windows Phone-based HTC One M8 will be running the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 when it goes on sale. The handset will also ship with several HTC customizations, like a Live Tile that shows HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Duo Camera, and an on board TV remote control and program guide (all found on the Android-based HTC One M8).

Verizon will reportedly begin selling the HTC One M8 for Windows on Aug. 21 and is expected to price the smartphone at $199 when signing a new two-year contract. We'll be covering HTC's Aug. 19 event and will bring you all the latest news.

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