The Mapo Smart Beauty Mask Connects To Your Phone And Tells You How To Improve Your Skin


Everything in our life is getting Bluetooth connectivity and a set of apps — even our toothbrush. Next up, however, is the beauty mask.

A company called Wired Beauty has developed a new beauty mask called Mapo, but the mask, unlike other beauty masks, is made from medical-grade silicone and filled with a range of sensors.

The sensors themselves are able to measure the skin's temperature and moisture level. Users simply strap it on to their face, leave it on for a minute, and it will gather the data it needs, after which that data will be sent to the user's smartphone through Bluetooth. The app then is able to track the user's skin health and offer recommendations about their beauty regimen, such as what kind of products they should use.

Users can also customize the product by taking pictures of their face, which will then be used by Wired Beauty to reconstruct a 3D image, and then create the mask. Not only that, but the mask can be used as a booster, too. Users apply moisturizer to their skin, then put on the mask, after which it warms up, which helps offer deeper skin penetration. "Temperature has also been demonstrated to greatly influence the permeability of the skin by opening the skin pores, accelerating the blood influx," the company says.

The connected mask doesn't cover the chin and nose, however. Wired Beauty says that these areas normally don't need as much attention anyway.

If you're interested in Mapo, you can head to its Kickstarter campaign. The device starts at $218 for super early birds. If you don't get there in time to grab a special early bird price, you'll need to pay $295. So far the campaign has raised around $12,859 of its $43,902 funding goal, with 33 days to go. The mask is expected to ship in June 2016.

Via: Digital Trends

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