Top Beauty Vloggers And Best YouTube Channels To Follow For Makeup Tutorials


One may not be much of a makeup person, but it is so easy to get hooked in watching video tutorials by beauty vloggers on YouTube.

The great thing about these tutorials and product reviews is that they are honest, engaging and easy to follow. While vlogging may be a way of livelihood for many, some started out just for fun.

Irrespective of the beginnings, the following women were able to spark a connection that gets their audiences rapt in a way that watching one beauty tutorial video turns into hours of beauty vlog marathon!

Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek started in 2008 and the brainchild of Marlena Stell, who is both a product developer and a beauty blogger. Stell not only offers nifty makeup tips but now has her own cosmetic line. Marlena's cosmetics are so good that her foil eyeshadows rival MAC products.

Check out her website, YouTube channel or follow her on Twitter.

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is another beauty vlogger who is synonymous with unbelievable transformations. Johnson's deft makeup skills make her adept at becoming anything from Disney Princesses to even Tina from "Bob's Burgers!"

Check out her YouTube channel wherein Kandee Johnson has more than 3 million subscribers.

Michelle Phan

Arguably the best-known beauty vlogger around, Michelle Phan is an old hat at the transformation game. Phan has been vlogging since 2007 and already has her own style-guide book and makeup line.

Michelle Phan has more than 8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and is a pro at different types of looks right from fantasy to nostalgia!


With more than 9.7 million subscribers, Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, is one of the most popular vloggers around. She has been vlogging since 2009 and gives makeup tutorials, cooking videos, does fashion and beauty hauls and even launched her book "Girl Online" in 2014.

Check out her main and second YouTube channels, and her blog for tips.

Andrea's Choice

Yet another highly sought after YouTube channel is Andrea's Choice takes its viewers through easy DIY, makeup tips and more.

What sets Andrea Brooks apart from other beauty vloggers is that she uses drugstore makeup to create different looks. Not to mention that her YouTube channel sure showcases her sass and unique personality!

Lisa Elridge

One of the best makeup gurus online, Lisa Elridge is a professional who hails from the UK and has done makeup for the likes of Emma Watson. She knows what she is talking about and has an amazing personality that will keep anyone hooked.

Elridge's vlogs feature different guests to whom she applies makeup on. This way one can see tricks for various skin tones and face shapes. Skilled with the brush, she can help pull off any look with ease! She also only uses makeup she likes and would like to use, proof that she is not being coerced by any PR agencies in promoting stuff!

Take a peek at her videos on YouTube.


Not only is Gigi absolutely gorgeous, but she is full of spunk. She always has funny stories to share and her lively banter and easy-to-use tricks will keep subscribers loyal to her channel. Gigi is the go-to girl if you're looking for glamorous makeup tips.

Check out Gigi on YouTube.

Cambria Joy

A ray of sunshine is how one can best describe Cambria Joy. Her videos do not only show how one can look good, but her smiling face as she breezes through each beauty tip will make anyone happy from the inside too. Cambria Joy never fails to uplift the lowest of spirits through her advocacy for healthy living.

Check out Cambria Joy's YouTube channel for everything from makeup tips, DIYs to recipes.

Photo: Maria Morri | Flickr

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