Intel Announces Oakley Radar Pace Athlete-Coaching Glasses

5 January 2016, 10:30 pm EST By Christian de Looper Tech Times
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Intel, in partnership with Oakley, has announced a new pair of smart glasses aimed at helping athletes prepare for their workouts and better train during the workouts. The glasses are voice-controlled and offer information in real time.  ( Intel )

Intel, in partnership with Oakley, has announced Radar Pace, a set of smart glasses that offer voice-controlled coaching in real-time.

The glasses are aimed at professional athletes, mostly runners and cyclists, and those who want to bring their workouts to the next level, telling users what to do and when to do it. The system also analyzes statistics about the user's workout to tell them whether they're improving or not, and whether or not they need to change something about their technique.

As part of the demonstration, for example, the user asked Radar Pace what his workout was for the day, at which point it told him about a 5-km run and the hills that he would encounter during that run.

The Oakley Radar Pace glasses will launch in late 2016.

On top of the smart glasses, Intel also unveiled a new collaboration with New Balance that will help connect athletes with technology. New Balance itself has created a new division called Digital Sport, which is aimed at helping athletes improve their workouts, runs, and so on, through technology. Of course, this technology will be powered by Intel. For example, New Balance is using 3D printing to tailor a pair of its shoes to each individual user, and the company envisions being able to print shoes in stores around the world.

Last but not least is the announcement that New Balance is developing a smartwatch in collaboration with Intel, which will launch in the holiday season of this year. 

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