Here’s A Patch That Monitors For Early Signs Of An Asthma Attack

8 January 2016, 8:25 pm EST By Brian Heater Tech Times
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I've been fairly lucky as far as asthma goes. I suffered from it a bit as a youngster, but my symptoms have mostly gone away as I've gotten older. Still, I can certainly tell you firsthand that not being able to breathe is one of the worst feelings, ever.

Developed by Health Care Originals out of upstate New York, the ADAMM wearable patch is an attempt to nip asthma problems in the bud before they really become a problem. The company was on-hand at CES demonstrating an early prototype of the patch, a 3D-printed three cornered badge.

The ADAMM (Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management) will have an adhesive that can stick to the front or back of the wearer's torso, not entirely unlike a nicotine patch. It monitors for early breathing issues and sends an alert to a smartphone, so action can be taken prior to a full-on attack. The accompanying app can also offer alerts and medication reminders.

The app also tracks stats like data over time, which can be shared with a physician. And when the asthma sufferer sleeps, the patch sits on a special recharging base that also listens in for the tell-tale signs of breathing difficulty.

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