Samsung Gear 360 Trademark Application Hints At Cool VR Camera: Consumer Version Of Project Beyond?


Samsung has recently filed an application for a 360 degree VR camera in South Korea, proving that the company nears the manufacturing stage with the video gadget.

The application states that Samsung's new product fits into the main categories cameras and photography, supporting speculations that say the trademark applies to a 360 degree camera. It is easy to see why Samsung would want to have a 360 VR camera that can be paired with its proprietary Samsung Gear VR headset for a fully immersive experience.

Users who possess both devices could take 360 degree footage and experience it immediately using the headgear, or share it with others. In November last year, Samsung let the public know that the Gear VR was available for preorders for a competitive price of $99.

According to the South Korean regulator's website, "Gear 360" is the name Samsung has placed on the copyright protection file.

Samsung touted a virtual reality camera named Project Beyond VR in 2014. The company also found fit to showcase it once more, during CES 2016, in Las Vegas.

A while ago, the South Korean company has demonstrated the potential of Project Beyond in a video that was uploaded on the YouTube channel of the developing team. In it, viewers can observe how easy it is to set up the 360-degree-video-capturing gadget, thus assuring that you quickly record memorable moments from your travels.

Samsung says it began Project Beyond with one desire in mind: to help people obtain a rich, immersive experience. The device allows users "to truly dive into the places they always dreamed of being in." To get a glimpse of how awesome it can be having 360-degree videos instead of static photo albums, go to the page where Project Beyond showcases its potential.

Another tantalizing way to use the Samsung VR camera is for streaming live concerts.

"Project Beyond streams live events in real time in the most immersive way. Don't just watch live video, be there!" the company incentivizes its potential customers.

The OEM points out the advantages of using a Project Beyond camera versus its rivals.

"Unlike other 360° cameras, it not only captures the world around it, but does so in true stereoscopic 3D and streams in real time," Samsung says.

To make sure the eye-catching content reaches a wide audience, the company affirms that the videos work on computers, Samsung TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Tech savvy readers might want to know some technical specs about the VR camera. The manufacturer boasts that it created an "engineering marvel" which captures and processes as high as 35 megapixels per frame. That means Project Beyond VR is able to process more than a gigapixel each second.

It is still unclear whether or not the Gear 360 is the consumer variant of Project Beyond VR camera, but as soon as we find out we will relay the information to you.

What is certain, however, is that trademark applications usually appear when the end product is ready to meet its clients. Therefore, we can expect a public announcement from Samsung sometime during the beginning of 2016.

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