RideBlock Tracks Skateboard Tricks From the Bottom of the Board

9 January 2016, 2:18 pm EST By Brian Heater Tech Times
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  ( Brian Heater )

Oh RideBlock, you had me at skateboard technology. The small device screws into the truck of a board, featuring built-in sensors that track things like tricks, utilizing pattern recognition technology.

Once the trick is recognized, it's transmitted to the company's mobile app, which offers up additional information like speed, height, and airtime. It also issues a score so riders can compete against other folks via a trick leaderboard.

The device is, naturally, rugged, shockproof, and water resistant. After all, it's designed to spend it product life on the bottom of a skateboard deck, which is a pretty unforgiving spot for a gadget - on anything else, for that matter. It's also small enough to go unnoticed while riding.

(Photo : Brian Heater | TechTimes)
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