A Look At QuitBit, The Anti-Smoking Smart Cigarette Lighter

You've got to hand it to QuitBit. The company knows how to pick a name. And the mission to help people put down the cigarettes is far more admirable than most of what folks were offering up on the CES show floor this week.

The result of a successful Kickstarter campaign launched halfway through 2014, the smart cigarette lighter started shipping to backers at the end of last year. The QuitBit is actually pretty sharp looking, so far as cigarette lighters go.

It's got a Zippo-style flip top, which reveals an electrically-heated coil, negating the need for gas and flames, elements that likely wouldn't play too nicely with the rest of the electronics on-board.

The lighter's got rounded silver edges surrounding a glossy piano black face, where the monochrome display lives, tallying up the number of cigarettes the smoker has burned through, alongside the amount of time it's been since they last picked one up.

All of this data is translated via Bluetooth to a connected device, and aggregated into trends and goals to help the user quite once and for all. Progress can also be shared with friends and family or other members of the QuitBit community.

It's a smart little piece of purposeful obsolescence. After all, if the lighter does its job well, you'll never have to use the thing again.

The lighter is available for order right now, in time for those New Year's resolution. It runs $129.

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