New Yahoo Mail not functioning well, irks users

15 October 2013, 2:01 pm EDT By Anne Patterson Tech Times
Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

To commemorate its sixteenth anniversary, Yahoo recently redesigned Yahoo Mail; however, since the revamp, users have been complaining of functionality issues with the email service.

Yahoo revamped Yahoo Mail on October 8, introducing 1 TB of storage, "Mail Plus" features, and more, and within a few days users are encountering major bug issues which automatically forwards emails to a user's "alternate" email address.

The setting which allows this functionality was reportedly switched on without users' permission. As a result, users were not getting emails at all and did not realize that the messages were being sent to an alternate inbox.

Irate users have taken to Yahoo's UsersVoice forum and its Twitter customer care account @YahooCare to vent their angst and find a solution to the issue.

"I can't receive any email ever since this new version is implemented. My emails somehow got forwarded to an invalid acct.My emails somehow got forwarded to an invalid acct. which I check your help page indicated that only Mail Plus acct. has such feature but mine is not. How did that happen?" notes a user on the UsersVoice forum.

Yahoo has responded to a few of the thousands of UserVoice comments and says that it is "actively investigating" the issue.

However, the auto-forwarding has led to privacy concerns among users as in many cases the emails are being forwarded to alternate accounts that are no longer in use or have been recycled.

"Auto-forwarding was turned on for my account without my request or action. For over a day, my mail was being forwarded to a DEAD corporate account to a company that I have not worked for over 3.5 years!! This resulted in valuable lost mail," complains a user on the UsersVoice forum.

Yahoo has suggested a workaround so that users can resolve the auto email forwarding issue themselves.

"To resolve, all you need to do is set your account to POP email rather than forward it in your account Settings. This setting will only make it possible to use POP access with your account, it will not forward or change your incoming email in any way," Yahoo said.

For further guidance on how to change your account to POP access, check out this.

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