DC Comics Teases Upcoming "Rebirth"

25 January 2016, 11:11 am EST By Rollin Bishop Tech Times
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If there’s one seeming constant to the current landscape at Marvel and DC Comics, it’s that they will inevitably relaunch all of their titles for one reason or another. A penultimate crisis, or something slightly different and new, both publishers are notorious for it at this point. Which is why it’s not shocking that there appears to be a “rebirth” on the horizon for DC.

The current speculation is that DC will be reworking their lineup and possible creative teams come summer after the final few titles left from the New 52 relaunch hit 52 issues. Solicitations seem to confirm that a number of runs will be wrapping up their stories around May, lending further credence to the speculation.

Bleeding Cool’s even gone so far as to suggest that the new DC initiative is specifically designed to better align the comics being published with the movies and television shows currently available and those that are coming up in the near future. So, for example, anything Suicide Squad would probably stick around, as would those titles related to Arrow and The Flash. Less certain are those titles that have little to nothing to do with the extended DC universe - like, say, Dr. Fate or any of the other DC You titles.

DC, for their part, has been fairly mum on all this - save for a select few tweets with images from folks like DC co-publisher Jim Lee featuring the word “Rebirth” on a curtain. What exactly “Rebirth” even means in this context isn’t 100% clear, but the implication is that, yes, something new is coming.

Via: IGN

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