Google Announces It Has Shipped Five Million Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets

27 January 2016, 2:42 pm EST By Mark Lelinwalla Tech Times
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That's only in 19 months. In addition, the company says that, thus far, 350,000-plus hours of YouTube videos in VR have been viewed.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images News )

Just past the year-and-a-half mark and the public has more than spoken.

On Wednesday, Google announced that its simple Cardboard virtual reality headset has shipped five million units 19 months into its introduction.

Whether the viewer — which allows anyone to experience mobile virtual reality with only the Cardboard and their smartphone — has come in the form of a Star Wars headset, packaged in the Sunday subscribers' edition of the New York Times or via View-Master, joining the VR fold is more than in demand.

Google more than backs up that number to truly drive home the point about just how hungry people are to get fully immersed in a VR adventure.

(Photo : Justin Sullivan | Getty Images News)

In addition to the five million Cardboards shipped, Google also reported that users have launched into 10 million additional immersive app experiences from October to December alone and have watched 350,000-plus hours of YouTube videos in VR.

The top Cardboard app on Google Play? Chair in a Room.

Also, since the launch of the Cardboard Camera in December, users have also captured upwards of 750,000 VR photos, according to Google's count.

Additionally, Google Expeditions has allowed students around the world to take virtual field trips to places such as the White House and the Republic of Congo — all from the comfort of their classrooms.

All this adds of up to a continued explosion of VR, with Google being front and center — or better yet — totally immersed in it.

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