More Than Half Of Users Only Access Facebook On Mobile

27 January 2016, 7:19 pm EST By Christian de Looper Tech Times
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Facebook on Wednesday reported spectacular economic growth as its mobile advertising and video views have been increasing. The company's shares rose 12 percent in after-hours trading.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images )

Facebook has revealed its user numbers and earnings for its fourth financial quarter, announcing some very interesting results.

Most interesting is the fact that over half of users, or 51.7 percent, access the social media network exclusively from a mobile device.

The company reported a total of 1.59 billion monthly active users, which is up by 14 percent from last year. It also has 1.44 billion monthly mobile users, which is up by 21 percent from last year. The company also decided to share information like daily active users, reporting that it has 1.04 billion, which is a 17 percent bump from last year, and 934 million mobile daily active users, an increase of 25 percent from last year.

Between the third and fourth quarters of the year, Facebook added around 96 million mobile-only users. In the third quarter, mobile-only users accounted for around 46.90 percent of the total numbers, meaning that, in a single quarter, that group of users increased by around four percent.

"Mobile-only MAUs are defined as users who accessed Facebook solely through mobile apps or mobile versions of our website, or used our Messenger app, in the last 30 days of the given quarter," says Facebook, defining mobile-only users.

The results highlight how important mobile has become for all major tech companies. Google announced that over half of its searches were performed on mobile devices a few months ago, and Facebook is just another company to make a similar announcement. In general, mobile Internet use is growing extremely quickly, prompting tech companies to take advantage of the changes by developing their apps and mobile websites to offer as much or more than desktop Web pages. 

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