Frinkiac Delivers Nearly Three Million ‘Simpsons’ Meme Screen Caps At Blazing Fast Speeds

Simpsons quotes are the cultural currency of a generation. Until yesterday, however, hunting the things down involved hours of time lost to crawling through grainy YouTube videos of Spanish language translations.

Named for the iconic animated sitcom's Jerry Lewis-inspired mad scientist, Frinkiac is a one-stop Simpsons meme-generating shop. It is built around a database of nearly three million Simpsons screen caps, letting users search by quote.

With astounding efficiency, the engine pulls up screen caps as you type. Once a phrase is entered, you can generate a meme in Matt Groening-style font, so everyone in your general age group who follows you on Facebook can nod along in nostalgic recognition.

To paraphrase Kent Hartman Brockman, I can say without hyperbole that this is the greatest technological advancement of the 21st century.

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