This 'Grand Theft Auto V' Mod Turns The Game Into 'The Last Of Us'

Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos is a bustling metropolis filled with people going about their busy daily lives. The world of The Last of Us is one where a handful of survivors struggle to make it through each day, as nature reclaims the ruins of the cities that once were.

So, what would Los Santos look like in the post-infection world of The Last of Us? Something mighty close to this mod from Rapidiment. It builds upon the existing city in Grand Theft Auto V but adds more foliage and overgrowth to make it look as if Los Santos has been abandoned for decades. Add in the occasional ruined building or destroyed car, and you have a mod that truly feels like Naughty Dog's masterpiece. There are even some surprises hidden in the world in the form of a secret safe house, among others.

For the true Last of Us in GTA experience, however, you'll need yet another mod from GTAFreak67s. That mod adds a Joel lookalike to the game, perfect for exploring the untamed ruins of a world long abandoned.

If you want to try the mod for yourself, all that extra foliage comes with a cost. The creator recommends your computer have 8 GB of RAM before trying the mod, and even then, it might still make your game lag. That being said, Rapidiment says the mod is great for those looking to create films using GTA's engine or for zombie mods.

There is certainly no shortage of great mods for GTA V on PC, but fans of The Last of Us owe it to themselves to check this one out. You can watch a video of the two mods in action below.

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