Twitter Announces Trust & Safety Council, Ensuring More Secure Social Media Experience

9 February 2016, 9:41 am EST By Mark Lelinwalla Tech Times
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Whether activists, content creators or regular users just looking to have some fun, Twitter wants to ensure that people can continue to express themselves freely and safely.

This morning, the social media network announced the creation of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council as its new and foundational strategy to ensure that its 320 million users can continue to speak their minds with ease.

The point of the company's Trust & Safety Council is to tap into the expertise and advice of organizations in real time when an area or question of safety arises.

In doing so, Twitter has aligned itself with more than 40 organizations and experts from 13 regions in assembling its inaugural members of the council, which range from safety advocates to academic minds, grassroots organizations that use the social network to build their movements and community groups that work to prevent abuse, harassment and bullying.

(Photo : Oli Scarff | Getty Images News)

Some of the organizations that are inaugural members include: Anti-Bullying Pro, Crisis Text Line, the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, Family Online Safety Institute, National Cyber Security Alliance, the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Anti-Defamation League.

Essentially, Twitter will be leaning on these organizations to help it enforce a clean social media experience and to weed out those users who insist on using their 140 characters or less to project hate, bully another user or make threats.

Considering the massive amount of content that gets tweeted out on a daily basis, aligning itself with such organizations and groups that work in these areas regularly seems like a good idea.

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