'League Of Legends' Retires One Of The Game's Few Permanent Game Modes

Riot Games, the developer behind the immensely popular multiplayer video game League of Legends, has announced that it intends to retire Dominion, one of League’s few permanent alternative game modes.

It’s worth noting that Riot has experimented with several different alternative game modes and maps - as opposed to the standard Summoner’s Rift map seen in competitive play - over the years, but as of late has opted for these to be tied to short events rather than permanent additions to League of Legends. And that seems to be the intention for alternative game modes going forward.

“As League continues to evolve,” Riot’s blog post announcing the impending retirement reads, “our vision for the core game becomes more and more refined, and, after years of learning, it’s clear today that alternative game modes work better in short cycles rather than as standalone queues.” In other words, the small amount of people - fewer than 0.5 percent of overall League players - playing Dominion regularly ultimately spelled its demise.

But that’s partly due to a feedback loop of sorts. The small amount of players meant resources were typically allocated elsewhere rather than to the mode introduced four years ago. The lack of resources meant bugs and balancing issues went unchecked longer than other modes and maps - and that meant fewer people played the thing. And so on. In the end, according to Riot, it just makes sense to devote all of that effort elsewhere.

For what it’s worth, the other modes and maps will remain. That means Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss, and even Twisted Treeline will continue to be supported with ARAM (All Random, All Middle) remaining a permanent game mode. The Dominion game mode and the Crystal Scar map, however, are scheduled to go the way of the dinosaur on Feb. 22.

Source: League of Legends

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