You Can Buy A Vinyl Collection Of The Music From 'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' And 'XCOM 2'

iam8bit has teamed up with developer Firaxis and publisher 2K to create a vinyl collection of the cinematic scores from video games XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the recently-released XCOM 2.

The special double vinyl set includes music from composers Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo and Tim Wynn, with album art by designer Filip Hodas. The listing for the original soundtrack collection indicates that the art may not be final, but Hodas’ juxtaposed human and sectoid — the base alien in both games — skulls is rather haunting as it is.

It’s worth noting that this is only a preorder for the moment. The collection is expected to release in Q2 2016, but that could shift given time. It also comes with a digital version of all the tracks included on the physical LPs. Here’s the full track listing for each as noted by iam8bit:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Enemy Unknown (Menu Music)
Breaking Ground (HQ Act I)
First Contact
The Fate of the Earth (Mission Control)
Terror Upon Us
Ready For Battle (Choose Squad)
Vigilo Confido
Mission Complete
The Alien Underbelly (HQ Act II)
A Survivor Returns


The Gollop Device
Resilience of Man
Arrival (HQ Act III)
Hyperwave Uplink
Discovering the Gift
The Volunteer
Snap Shot
End Game
Alien Pact
Our Last Hope (Finale)



First Flight
Game Over
Welcome to the Lab
Out of the Ashes
Unification Day
Squad Loadout


Weapons of Choice
Break the Line
Commander Awakens
Last Hope

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