'GTA V' In VR Might Be Too Real For Comfort

20 February 2016, 8:27 am EST By Dave Calpito Tech Times
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Modder Joseph Delgado has posted a GIF on his website capturing a scene on his "Grand Theft Auto V" virtual reality mod which is a bit disturbing. The developed said that after experiencing the game in his "GTA V" VR setup, he felt guilty about virtually killing someone.  ( Joseph Delgado )

A developer who is currently experimenting with virtual reality and hand-tracking technologies has created a Grand Theft Auto V mod that might leave players feeling somewhat guilty about killing someone, at least virtually.

Modder Joseph Delgado has posted a blogpost on his website showing a scene from the GTA V VR mod he is working on that might be too real for comfort.

"I'm really not sure about this," Delgado says. "I feel horrible about making this. You actually feel guilty."

He goes on to say that his mouth "dropped the first time [he] shot someone in [his] GTA V VR setup."

In an email he sent to Kotaku, he says first-person shooters, such as the GTA, really bring anyone near to violence. He adds that "having to laboriously move your hand down to shoot someone on the floor, physically walk to them, pull the trigger, and hear all the noises that come with it" is unquestionably a visceral experience.

However, upon learning that the clip he pushed out about the mod he is currently developing has been highly talked about over Reddit and that not everybody looks at it as terrifying, he says that playing GTA in VR is thrilling as well, not just horrifying.

Delgado talks about his plan to roll out the GTA V hand-tracking mod publicly as soon as he is done with the development. One thing Delgado is presently concentrating on is a method for gamers to drive cars intuitively. He wants to make certain that the mod will offer a solid experience to gamers before releasing it to the public.

At the moment, this mod is set up with his Razer Hydra and Oculus Rift.

A report from Engadget wonders if titles ported from traditional controllers to VR are likely to make players feel bad about "going on digital rampages."

GamesRadar, in the meantime, believes the claims that the video game is a "murder simulator" become more legitimate when it comes to experiencing it in VR with hand tracking.

We'll surely update you when this in-development GTA V mod is rolled out.

Here is the GIF Delgado published on his website.

(Photo : Joseph Delgado)


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