Pantelligent Is A Smart Frying Pan That Talks To Your Smartphone So You Don't Burn What You're Cooking


Billed a "smart frying pan of the future," Pantelligent is a kitchen gadget that is way wiser than a typical pan. This high-tech pan makes it possible for would-be chefs to prepare their meals perfectly without having to worry about burning what they are cooking.

This frying pan comes fitted with a Bluetooth and a built-in temperature gauge plus it works with an Android- or iOS-compatible app to make it easy for you to prepare new and delicious home-cooked meals without the fear of having it burned.

Measuring 2 inches deep and 12 inches wide, Pantelligent features a die-cast aluminum build and a nonstick coating which make cleaning easier than a regular pan. The company also promises that this intelligent frying pan will last around three to five years.

To use Pantelligent, all you have to do is tell it what you are cooking, thru your smartphone, and it will soon let you know when it is hot enough to begin the process, through a Siri-like voice. When Pantelligent thinks that it is too hot, it will advise you to cool it down. Moreover, the pan will tell you when it's ready to flip what you're cooking and when the food is ready to eat.

The downside, though, is that this intelligent frying pan is not compatible with induction cooktops. Another downside is its being a bit pricey - it is priced at $199.

In its review for Pantelligent, CNET says that this smart frying pan helps anyone in improving his cooking skills, whether he's already an expert home cook or a kitchen newbie.

"The app gets annoying if the pan doesn't cool down or heat up quickly enough, and there's a limited list of recipes available to follow," it also adds.

Overall, CNET has given it an average score of 8.4 out of 10, based on its performance (8 points), usability (9 points), design (9 points) and features (8 points).

Back in 2014, Pantelligent was launched as a Kickstarter campaign, in which it gained $83,206 pledges from backers. Its original fundraising target was $30,000.

Those who want to learn more about Pantelligent can head on to the company's official website.

Here's a video which shows how Pantelligent works.


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