Samsung Galaxy S7 Crowned As Best Smartphone Ever: Consumer Reports


TheSamsung Galaxy S7 was released nearly two weeks ago, and Consumer Reports already named the device the best smartphone to ever exit the assembly line.

Even Apple fans are hard pressed to find flaws in the latest line of Samsung flagships. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge proudly raised the bar when it comes to build quality, durability, technical specs, features and integration of hardware and software capabilities.

It remains to be seen whether Android rival HTC will be able to come with a strong counteroffer, or how the upcoming iPhone 7 will fare in comparison with Samsung's latest top-tier handsets.

Consumer Reports is one of the most objective authorities when it comes to product reviews, as it branded itself as an honest in-depth reviewer of electrical appliances.

The site evaluated the Galaxy S7 and commended it for a number of aspects, such as improved battery life and enhanced camera performance. Consumer Reports notes that niche features such as VR support add value to the device and set it as a premium market leader.

The reviewers underlined how important it is that Samsung implemented water resistance and a microSD card slot - features that the Galaxy S6 series lacks.

"These new models aren't just Samsung's best smartphones, but, perhaps, the best smartphones" says Mike Gikas, the senior editor at Consumer Reports.

The testing shows that for a device to score high on a review scale, it's pays out to cover areas from the basic and mundane, such as battery life, to niche features such as virtual reality.

Consumer Reports began its activity 80 years ago. It uses in-house testing to paint an accurate image of diverse consumer products, and in order to ensure its editorial independence, it uses no advertising.

The site is backed by 7.3 million subscribers and purchases all products and services that it tests.

Consumer Reports is not the only site that was impressed by the Galaxy S7's behavior during benchmarking and handling. The team from PhoneArena also notes that "particularly well-crafted [devices] can stand out from the crowd," and S7 is one such smartphone.

You can also read our review roundup showing why experts say that Galaxy S7 Edge might be the best smartphone out there.

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