Yahoo Mail Goes Down For Many Users In Europe And US

11 April 2016, 7:33 am EDT By Santiago Tiongco Tech Times
Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

For most Yahoo Mail users in Europe and the U.S., the email website was inaccessible for some and intermittent for others last Saturday, April 9.

The social media site, Twitter, saw an influx of status updates from users in the European and American region, even others, citing the incident. Tweets have been tagging YahooCare and YahooMail with hashtags #yahoomaildown and #yahoomail calling for an immediate fix for the problem. But the two accounts have yet to post an official announcement regarding server problems or login solutions.

The sub-Reddit community for Yahoo also has a trending topic, "Sorry we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again," wherein Redditors using Yahoo Mail have been posting their concerns. Other helpful members of the community have also been seen posting their own workarounds.

Started by user dudeofedud, he posted that he had encountered a "horrible" error on his account. He's usually signed-in to his Yahoo account but that morning, he had been asked to relog in. The site returned an unsuccessful login attempt which caused him to worry about possible hacking. He further adds, "Does it mean that my account password has been changed, or it is simply [a] server-side error? I'm just a bit worried. Should [I] change my password or [not]?" (Retrieved on April 10 with currently 27 comments)

According to some sites that check if a website is down, the Yahoo Mail platform has been tagged with "Possible problems at Yahoo Mail" on Downdetector while others conclude that the Yahoo system was down for several hours.

Yahoo was previously reported to be closing some of its operations offered as the company had previously anticipated in 2015 that further decline in their sales could occur the following year. Incidentally, Yahoo has been reported to be putting up its major cores for bids wherein initial transactions are requested by April 11. Confirmed deals will be supposedly released by June or July. The recent glitches in its email platform may cause unpredicted concern among involved bidders, Verizon Communications, IAC/InterActiveCorp and Time, to mention a few.

For users who are still encountering sign in problems, Yahoo has several pages on its Help section which may have a temporary fix. Its Reddit sub-board also has a pinned link that redirects to the "Yahoo Help Community" with instructions to follow for reporting snags in the system.

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