Mark Zuckerberg Wants To Help Cure All Diseases By The End Of This Century


Keeping the world connected is one of the missions of Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of the company, also wants to cure all diseases by the end of this century.

Zuckerberg's efforts have made Facebook the biggest social networking website in the world. However, the CEO has bigger objectives and responsibilities toward the entire human race.

In a letter to shareholders, Zuckerberg has revealed that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, would like to donate the majority of their wealth for humanitarian efforts.

"While helping to connect the world will always be the most important thing I do, there are more global challenges that I feel a responsibility to help solve – like helping to cure all diseases by the end of this century, upgrading our education system so it's personalized for each student, and protecting our environment from climate change," said Zuckerberg.

The CEO also highlighted that he and Priscilla have already founded the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is aimed at advancing human potential in different fields. Zuckerberg said he and his wife will give away 99 percent of their Facebook shares during their lifetime to promote equality and advance the potential of humans.

In December 2015, Zuckerberg noted that spending on medical treatment was about 50 times more than spending on medical research. However, with advancements in medical technology, many medical conditions such as heart diseases and cancer can be prevented and cured.

"Medicine has only been a real science for less than 100 years, and we've already seen complete cures for some diseases and good progress for others. As technology accelerates, we have a real shot at preventing, curing or managing all or most of the rest in the next 100 years," said Zuckerberg.

Donating most of Facebook shares could mean that Zuckerberg will lose control of the company. However, during the quarterly earnings call on April 27, Facebook also unveiled a proposal to create a new class of stock, which will allow Zuckerberg and Chan to keep donating their Facebook shares for humanitarian efforts and also let Zuckerberg to retain controlling rights of the company.

Zuckerberg said there are many doctors, scientists and educators in the world who are doing a great job for the planet. Support from Facebook will help them accelerate their work and make a difference today rather than 30 to 40 years later.

Although, Zuckerberg revealed his bigger goals for humanitarian efforts, he also said that the company will continue to improve the Facebook experience.

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