WhatsApp Launches Desktop App For The PC And Mac: Here's How To Download It


WhatsApp users will now be able to chat with their family and friends while they are at work without having to constantly tap away on their smartphones.

The company announced on Tuesday the launch of the messaging application for Windows and Mac.

WhatsApp has been previously available for desktops as a Chrome extension that was released last year. However, the Web client only serves as an extension of the mobile app. This means that all of the user's messages still live on their phone, but they can send and receive messages from the browser.

In order for the client to work on their desktops, users need to download the latest version of the mobile app and their smartphone has to be connected to the Internet. At the time of its launch, the Chrome extension would not work for iOS users.

The new desktop app is similar to the Chrome extension, and also serves as an extension to the mobile version by mirroring conversations and messages. Just remember, again, users first need to have WhatsApp on their mobile devices so their account can sync to the desktop version.

The main difference from the Web client is that this is a standalone app that runs natively on the desktop instead of on a specific browser, much like desktop apps for Slack or Skype.

WhatsApp's desktop app also allows users to receive notifications and use keyboard shortcuts. Users will then be able to type away without having to keep looking at their phones.

The desktop app is available for PCs running on Windows 8 and higher and Macs running on OS 10.9 and higher. Here's how to download it.


Instead of getting WhatsApp for the desktop from the app stores, users can download it directly by visiting this website.

Users on a Mac might want to save the app to Applications so that you know exactly where it is and easily launch it in the future.

Once downloaded, the user will be asked to open the WhatsApp smartphone app, go to Settings to access the WhatsApp Web menu and scan the QR code. After the scan is complete, the user will get all their existing contacts and conversations on the desktop version.

The process then complete, users can now start group messaging away during their lunch break (who are we kidding, throughout the day) at work.

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