Samsung Galaxy X: Rumored Specs, Release Date, Price And Everything We Know So Far

Rumors have been rife that Samsung has a quintet of flagships in the works for release in 2017. While the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 edge, Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 edge smartphones are a given, the fifth handset in question is the all-new foldable Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X smartphone is allegedly a part of an internal project code-named Project Valley and will be a foldable smartphone.

It was at CES 2013 when Samsung showed off its foldable display technology, the OLED Youm display panel. The notion of Samsung working on a flexible smartphone gained further traction with rumors of the secret project coming to light.

Reports have suggested that the foldable smartphone will be a 5-inch handset, but when opened, it can be used as a 7-inch tablet. The South Korean OEM has supposedly partnered with both local and international business outfits to help it in the development of the novel foldable Galaxy X smartphone.

The Galaxy X smartphone is also alleged to bear the model number SM-G929F and will reportedly be released in the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Nordic countries, France, Ireland and South Korea. Notably, the U.S. market is missing from the Galaxy X's list.

Not only will the Galaxy X smartphone have a foldable screen but also a 4K resolution display. This display per reports will have the "diamond PenTile sub-pixel arrangement." Samsung has the intellectual property rights for the PenTile matrix display, and it has deployed this architecture in its Galaxy S7 lineup as well.

The foldable Samsung smartphone will possibly come preloaded with the Android N operating system and house the next-gen Snapdragon 830 processor from Qualcomm. Whether Samsung will be able to offer support for a microSD card slot, a camera module and water resistance will be interesting given that the handset will be foldable.

Judging by the rumors, the Galaxy X will debut next year, possibly spring, as that is the time when the company unveiled its Galaxy S lineup. The handset is expected to be priced higher than the Galaxy S7, as it will be a potential game changer. Therefore, we could be looking at a starting price of $650 or higher.

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