Jena Malone's 'Batman v Superman' Character Isn't Batgirl


The upcoming ultimate edition of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will add 30 minutes of additional footage cut from the final film and a new R rating. Among the footage are scenes of Jena Malone's character, whose identity is still being kept secret after her part was cut from the theatrical version of the film.

Fans have been theorizing and speculating for months on who exactly the actress was portraying in the film. Many fans assumed (in part because of a leaked Warner Bros. document) that Malone was playing none other than Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham city police commissioner Jim Gordon who frequently moonlights as Batgirl. Now, leaked credits from Batman v. Superman: Ultimate Edition provide the answer. Hint: she's not Batgirl.

Spoilers below!

According to an unlisted YouTube video that appears to be the Batman v. Superman: Ultimate Edition credits (as discovered by one eagle-eyed redditor), Malone's character isn't that of Barbara Gordon, as has been long speculated. Rather her character is a little more mundane, but still plays a role in the larger DC universe.

Her character is that of Jenet Klyburn, a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist who eventually goes on to become the director of the entire facility. That means fans can expect to see Malone's character in future DC Comic films, as S.T.A.R. Labs plays a key role in metahuman research in the comics.

S.T.A.R. Labs also links to the superhero Cyborg, who is briefly seen in Batman v. Superman via a video contained on a data drive stolen from Lex Luthor. It seems likely Malone will also have a role to play in the Flash film.

So why all the secrecy about Malone's role? Many assumed that the fact Warner Bros. was trying to keep Malone's character a secret meant her character was an important cameo or Easter egg. While Klyburn does qualify as an Easter egg, it's hardly one that will send fans over the moon.

It remains to be seen what other new information will be revealed in the official release of Batman v. Superman: Ultimate Edition. A recent trailer for the new cut of the film shows plenty of additional footage and dialogue. Who knows? Maybe this extended cut of the movie will be better than the original (though that wouldn't be saying much).

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