'Doctor Who' Actors And Writers Not Happy About Brexit Result

24 June 2016, 1:04 pm EDT By Robin Burks Tech Times
'They have to pay': EU's Juncker warns UK over Brexit negotiations

Everyone in the world turned their eyes to Britain as the country voted on whether it would stay or remain in the European Union (EU).

Now, the votes are in and the "leave" option won out over "stay" by the most narrow of margins. Some fear that the decision will send the UK back to the dark ages, while others believe it was necessary for the UK to regain its independence. With the country nearly split in the final vote, it will remain a topic of contention for some time.

So what does that mean for those who live and work in the country? The actors and writers from Doctor Who turned to Twitter to express their outrage, disgust and sadness at the UK's final decision.

Pearl Mackie is the newest actor to join Doctor Who, becoming a companion in the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS for the next season of the series. Her comments reflect many of those of Britain's younger generation:

Noel Clarke, who portrayed Mickey opposite the Ninth and Tenth Doctor on the new series, used social media to sadly joke about the sorry state of the Great British Pound now that the Brexit decision is in.

Former companion Arthur Darvill's response to the vote was much shorter, but grim.

James Corden, who was once a recurring guest star during the Eleventh Doctor's time in the TARDIS apologized to the younger generation for the decision.

Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss wasn't as kind and referred to Britain's exit from the EU as a huge step backward for the country.

Writer James Moran was far less subtle about what he believes will become Britain's downfall.

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