New Pottermore Quiz Lets Users Discover Their Patronus

22 September 2016, 1:19 pm EDT By Cameron Koch Tech Times
The interactive "Harry Potter" website adds a long-awaited feature.  ( Pottermore )

Though interactive Harry Potter website Pottermore offers plenty of behind-the-scenes glimpses at the wildly popular book series and even expands upon them, the real fun of Pottermore is the quizzes. At the end of the day, every Harry Potter fan wants to know which Hogwarts house they would be sorted into, and Pottermore provides that service and more.

Fans have also long wondered what their own personal Patronus spell might look like. Well, wonder no more. A new interactive quiz now available on Pottermore lets users find out just that, though you'll need to be a member of the site or sign up for it in order to take the quiz.

A Patronus, in case you've forgotten, is a spell of positive energy used by Harry and others in the Harry Potter universe to fight off the soul- and happiness-sucking Dementors. A Patronus is brought into the world with the phrase "Expecto Patronum" and represents the caster's personality in the form of an animal. Harry Potter's personal Patronus is a stag, while Hermione's is an otter, for example.

The interactive quiz takes users to the shores of the lake in the Forbidden Forest where Harry first used his Patronus against an army of Dementors. Questions to the quiz materialize in the darkness, as do a number of possible answers as users zip through the animated forest. Pottermore encourages quiz-takers to answer quickly and go with the first answer that appears in their head, as time is a factor when answering. 

The Patronus quiz can only be taken once.

After answering a few vague questions, users are asked with dragging their cursor across the screen to release their own personal Patronus. It's unclear exactly how many possibilities there are, but Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has confirmed that it is possible to obtain a mythical creature as a Patronus, specifically citing instances of users receiving a hippogriff or a unicorn. Rowling also revealed her own Patronus after taking the quiz: a heron. She says the questions for the quiz were written ages ago, and that when she first took the quiz her Patronus took the form of a pine marten.

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You can take the quiz for yourself here. Earlier this year, Pottermore added new content relating to the North American wizard school Ilvermorny, complete with new houses for users to be sorted into.

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