If You Want To Play Titanfall 2's 1v1 Mode, You Better Stock Up On Mountain Dew And Buffalo Wings

22 September 2016, 1:41 pm EDT By Cameron Koch Tech Times
"Titanfall 2" is partnering with Buffalo Wild Wings, Mountain Dew and Doritos for exclusive in-game content and even a new mode.  ( Respawn Entertainment )

Every year Mountain Dew and Doritos team up to promote the release of a major first-person shooter - some years it's Halo, other years it's Call of Duty. This year it's Titanfall 2, but Mountain Dew and Doritos are going far beyond simply giving out double XP codes for the upcoming sequel in their products.

Don't worry: they'll be doing that too, as has now become tradition. But in addition to putting codes for double XP within specially marked packages of soda and chips, Mountain Dew and Doritos will also grant access to a code-only 1v1 multiplayer mode called Coliseum by giving out Coliseum tickets. Not to be outdone, Buffalo Wild Wings will also be getting in on the action, giving out codes for Coliseum access in addition to a Buffalo Wild Wings-themed Titan skin.

"Accessible only by Coliseum tickets, this fast, ruthless game mode is determined by the best 2 out of 3," the Mountain Dew and Doritos press release for the promotion states. "The winner walks away with gifts and unlockables in the form of Advocate Gifts. Fame and fortune await you in the Coliseum, but only those who come armed with their wits, cunning and Coliseum ticket will taste victory."

It's unclear if players will be able to obtain Coliseum tickets in some other way outside of eating Buffalo wings and Doritos or drinking Mountain Dew, but one would hope an entire game mode wouldn't be blocked off just for the sake of a marketing promotion. Might they be purchasable in-game using in-game credits earned through playing? Expect more details soon.

A recent gameplay trailer for Titanfall 2 showing off the abilities of the game's pilots appears to tease the Coliseum mode at the very end, as two players go head to head on a rooftop. You can check that out below.

The Mountain Dew and Doritos promotion will also include a chance to win exclusive Titan skins, early access to the Ronin Titan class and a special pilot execution. No word yet on when to expect the specially marked packages of Mountain Dew and Doritos to arrive in stores, but presumably they should be available for purchase around the same time of Titanfall 2's release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 28. You can read up on the game's unique and customizable Titan classes here.

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