This Is How Apple And McLaren Would Change The Auto Industry (If Apple Acquires The Supercar Maker)

22 September 2016, 5:30 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Tech Times
We'd love to see what an Apple-McLaren self-driving or electric car would look like. It won't be what's in this picture, but wouldn't that be great?  ( David Villarreal Fernández | Flickr )

Several rumors in the past have claimed that Apple is planning to build its own fleet of self-driving or electrical cars. It would appear they might be telling the truth after another round of rumors stated Apple had attempted to acquire McLaren.

Earlier reports claimed Apple was interested in acquiring McLaren, but things must not have gone ahead as expected.

McLaren came out to deny all rumors regarding any talks with Apple.

If the Project Titan car program Apple is working on is indeed true, then the company would be better off purchasing a car manufacturer instead of doing it all on its own. Not only would it be expensive, but it could take the company longer to produce a vehicle worthy of public roads.

Despite McLaren crushing the rumors, anything is still possible. This makes us wonder what an Apple car, with McLaren behind the design, would look like and what type of features it would bring to the table.

Let's face it, an Apple-McLaren car would be overly expensive. Just have a look at the iPhone and iPad devices over the years. They have never been affordable, and we're almost certain this trend would crossover to the Apple-McLaren car.

In terms of the looks of the car, some folks believe the vehicle would be a sports car since McLaren is best known for creating fast cars with interesting designs. However, there's a good chance Apple would launch a car that is more aimed at everyone rather than going for a sports car for a niche market. This means the design won't be out of the ordinary, and won't be super-fast either.

As for the features an Apple-McLaren car would bring forward, expect iTunes and Siri integration. Just imagine asking Siri to close the door or even start up the engine. Yes, that would be pretty awesome.

Now, if the car is self-driving, Apple Maps would be a big part of the feature set. However, unlike Google, Apple doesn't have a set of cars on the streets testing self-driving technology, so chances are, the company's car would be electric with autonomous features similar to Tesla.

There's a reason why Apple wanted to acquire Tesla, and we believe the autonomous technology and electrical car expertise are among them. Furthermore, Tesla is profitable, and the same can be said about McLaren.

At the end of the day, Apple is planning on creating the car of the future, and we can't wait to see what it entails. It might turn out to be the best vehicle yet, or the biggest flop to come out of the company since Safari.

Whatever the case, Apple has sold more than a billion iPhones, which means the company has a huge fanbase preparing to throw down the money required to grab themselves an Apple-made car.

Photo: David Villarreal Fernández | Flickr

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