Following Exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Recalls 2.8 Million Washing Machines: What You Should Know

Things are not looking good for Samsung, as the company has been placed in a rather peculiar situation. First, its Galaxy Note 7 devices exploded and caught fire. Now it's having similar problems with washing machines. When will the embarrassment ever come to an end?

According to Samsung Electronics, the plan right now is to recall over 2.8 million washing machines from within the United States. Each washing machine poses a threat and could explode one way or the other. We understand the lid could explode, fly off and cause injury.

Information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission claims the Samsung washing machines were manufactured between March 2011 and November 2016. We understand that over the years, nine related injury reports were made to Samsung.

Injuries range from a broken jaw, injury to the shoulders and the general fall-related injuries. Now, while this defect has nothing to do with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it will raise further concerns regarding the company's ability to release products with high quality control measures.

What Samsung Plans To Do?

The company is hoping to give consumers who have purchased the washing machines free in-house repairs and an extension in the warranty. Folks can even get a rebate that can be put toward purchasing a new Samsung washing machine or another from a different brand.

Now, for those who have purchased one of the affected machines in the past 30 days, they are eligible for a complete refund from the retailer it was purchased.

"Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall," says John Herrington, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. "We are moving quickly and in partnership with the CPSC to ensure consumers know the options available to them and that any disruption in the home is minimized."

Don't Believe The Problem Is That Bad?

CNN Money has pictures of one of the affected washing machines. This one exploded, the lid flew up and damaged a section of the wall in the house. No wonder one of the victims suffered a broken jaw because the lid appears to have gone up with a strong force.

What we have here is a huge problem that Samsung needs to attend to. No one wants to buy products from a company that has track record of items blowing up and causing severe injuries. The most severe case is the man who suffered third-degree burns after his Galaxy Note 7 went up in flames inside his pants pocket.

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