Wi-Fi turns NYC subways into a wireless orchestra

27 October 2014, 9:41 am EDT By Lauren Keating Tech Times
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A composer was able to conduct musicians in one cohesive piece who played separately at different subway station using Wi-Fi in New York City’s subway stations.   ( Heath Brandon )

The subways of New York City are known to be a hub for performers and musicians. In a new live experiment, New York musicians came together to create a united orchestra at subway stations across the city.

Directed by Chris Shimojima, the video experiment features live stream video of eleven musicians playing underground using iPhones and the Wi-Fi hotspots of the subway system.

The live feed was sent to about a dozen MacBooks where composer and conductor Ljova was stationed in Bryant Park. Titled "Signal Strength," the video shows the musicians in front of their music stands while Ljova creates one cohesive piece of music.

Musicians such as a violinist, a bass player and a trumpet player are seen playing at different stations with free public Wi-Fi, while people watch Ljova at work. The musicians create a hauntingly beautiful, upbeat, cool jazz tune..

"Signal Strength" successfully uses separate public space to create one cohesive live orchestra, with a little help from the Internet.

Watch the experiment below.


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