Afraid Of Your Apple AirPods Getting Stolen? Protect Them From Thieves With This Nifty Sticker


One of the biggest attack lines against the Apple AirPods aside from effectively killing the 3.5 mm audio jack in the iPhone is that it is untethered and could, therefore, easily get misplaced or stolen. An enterprising accessory manufacturer might just have the solution for those who are concerned about protecting their $160 wireless in-ear headset.

AirPods That Are Hiding In Plain Sight

Surprisingly, the product is neither a cutting edge technology nor will it require you to drill anything on your iPhone or in your ear — as shown in a Twitter post below — in order to secure your earphones. It is a sticker that simply relies on a clever misdirection to perform its purpose.

Once the sticker has been installed on the AirPods' case, it will be transformed into a floss box. The label reads "Original Floss" complete with its own brand identity, the fictitious Oral O. It should significantly diminish the value of the AirPods in the eyes of thieves drawn to expensive things.

Handmade AirPods Accessory

Considering the fact that the AirPods is already pricey, you might be concerned about having to spend an additional amount for the sticker. Fortunately, the price is quite reasonable especially if it is indeed effective in protecting Airpods, as it is retailing for $4.99 at Etsy. You might also be pleased to know that the sticker is handmade, ensuring its quality.

The use of the sticker, however, has one caveat: wouldn't it be quite awkward or even suspicious for you to be seen carrying around a dental floss?

Just a useful tip: if you failed to secure a Floss Sticker and have lost an AirPod in the process, Apple will let you buy one instead of a pair. That, at least, should appease those unhappy about the earpiece's form factor and steep price.

Flawed Apple Product

Now, the emergence of these peripherals will surely lead one into thinking that there really must be something wrong with a product requiring patches and additional efforts in order to provide optimum experience and peace of mind for consumers. Unfortunately, Apple seems already firm about this product, which it claims to be an innovation.

Talking about actual problems in the product, previous reports revealed that there are owners of AirPods that are reporting how their boxes are failing to charge the wireless headset. There are even some who claim that instead of powering the wireless ear buds, it is instead causing severe battery drainage. Apple has so far remained mum about this issue.

Some tech reviews are also noting the AirPods lacks polish that is expected from an Apple product.

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