Apple wins patent for curved glass display technology


Something new seems to be booming in the mobile space, and it appears to be curved displays. We've seen Samsung's first smartphone - Galaxy Round - with a curved display on the market, and no doubt the company is planning more of these devices throughout 2014. Then we saw LG's G Flex. And now, it would appear that Apple is also interested in curved displays, according to a patent awarded to the company by USPTO.

Per USPTO, the patent number is 8,603,574, and it covers what Apple called "curved touch sensor."

The patent describes a new way of building new touch panels that could one day be used in future iPhone, iPads and other Apple devices.

In one section of the patent, it explains that one technique involves laying a touch panel over a flexible substrate while it's flat, which is then joined together with a second, curved flexible substrate. This particular technique is unique to Apple, though both Samsung and LG have released curved screen smartphones already.

Apple's patent also points out how to use a flat touch panel under a curved glass. This should be easier and cheaper to produce, but will likely not make for an accurate touch interaction.

This is quite interesting because Apple could be working on a curved glass for a future iPhone or iPad devices. Furthermore, if Apple is smart enough (which it is), the company could also apply the curved display technology to its rumored iWatch. And if that happens, though Apple would be a late entrant in the smartwatch race, it has the potential to quickly overtake its rivals.

Finally, if Apple is truly preparing to launch an iDevices in the future with a curved glass display, then it should be clear to many that curved display devices are here to stay.

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