Twitter reacts to the tweet box redesign

5 November 2014, 3:01 pm EST By Laura Rosenfeld Tech Times
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Twitter moved its tweet box to the top of users' feeds. As Twitter users do with any slight event or change in the world, they erupted with surprise, confusion and criticism as only Twitter could.  ( Andy Melton / Flickr )

Everybody stay calm, but Twitter has moved the the tweet box. I repeat Twitter has moved the tweet box. This is not a drill.

You probably just noticed this after visiting your Twitter feed this afternoon. That little tweet box we all know and love that used to be on the left side of our Twitter feeds has migrated right to the top in an update to the social network today.

This is bound to cause yet another comparison between Twitter and Facebook, which has long had its status update box at the top of users' News Feeds. The fact that the new tweet box now has "What's happening?" written inside it, which is eerily similar to Facebook's prompt, "What's on your mind?" doesn't help either.

You know tweeps are going to have something to say about this. There isn't a topic in the world they don't have a comment about, which is the point of Twitter, anyway. In an effort to be as meta as possible, here are some of the best reactions to the tweet box's new location on Twitter so far.













Image: Andy Melton / Flickr

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