Nokia 3310 Concept: Is This What The Comeback Phone May Look Like?


The iconic Nokia 3310 has been hailed as an indestructible mobile phone in the 1990's, when cell phones were slowly becoming a reality. It has also been a part of many memes and posts online and holds a special place in the heart of every 90's kid.

Rumors have been around for a long time that Nokia 3310 will make a comeback at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017. The news has not only gotten tech enthusiasts excited but has also given designers motivation to create concepts of the much idolized mobile phone in its new avatar.

Early Concept Video And Images

Concept videos and images do not guarantee that the designs shown will completely or partly resemble the final design launched by the company. That said, Nokia 3310 has been subject to many concept videos and images till date.

The first concept image pertaining to Nokia 3310 surfaced online a few years ago courtesy CurvedLabs. Martin Hajek created a series of images showing renders of the new Nokia 3310. The concept images imagined that the new Nokia 3310 is likely to sport a Windows Phone touchscreen, as Nokia and Microsoft were business partners at that point of time.

Nokia 3310: Recent Concept Videos

Now a new concept video created by YouTuber Concept Creator, imagines that the new Nokia 3310 will retain its original design without many changes, barring the inclusion of a rear and front camera.

Two videos were released by the YouTuber back to back, one on Feb, 14 and another on Feb.15. The Feb. 14 concept video is 20-second long and shows only glimpses of the reimagined Nokia 3310. Going by the looks of it, the short video was meant to be a teaser, especially after the release of a much longer concept video on Feb.15.

The Feb. 15 concept video of the Nokia 3310, also created by Concept Creator, imagines the renders of the rumored feature phone in much more detail. The concept envisages that the feature phone could not only come in a dark blue like the original, but also in gray, light blue, red and gold.

The video also shows that the new Nokia 3310 may come with a rear camera, a paltry 1.5-inch display, in-built radio system, a microUSB port and 1650 mAh battery with a standby support of 55 hours to 235 hours.

The video also depicts the phone housing 8 GB of internal memory and reimagines it as featuring a larger body (4.45 x 1.89 x 0.55 inch) compared to the original.

Given that the original Nokia 3310 was lauded for being indestructible the concept imagines that the new model of the Nokia 3310 in the same vein. It depicts the handset having a Polycarbonate body with Linex coating to prevent scratches.

Check out the concept video of Nokia 3310 below to know more.

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