Mass Effect: Andromeda Releases A 'Weapons Training' Gameplay Video

Mass Effect: Andromeda wants you to know its weapons, so get ready for some weapons training.

The upcoming sci-fi action RPG by developer BioWare and publisher EA released a new video for the game. This time, it focuses more on the different types of weapons and mobility that players can use to survive against hostile enemies.

Mass Effect: Andromeda's release date is getting closer, so the hype builds up as new gameplay trailers get revealed. The ETA for the Hyperion spaceship to land is March 21 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Know Your Gun Type

EA revealed the video via Twitter. it looks like a military briefing in terms of mood and tone, which is what it is — a briefing on the different kinds of weapons and abilities you can use to survive. One of the game's characters, Liam Costa, the "security and response specialist" guy, is the one doing the briefing. In front of him are guns laid out in front of the table.

The video emphasizes one of the core features of the gameplay — customization. The video tied the story to the gameplay, explaining that since the ship cannot carry a lot of load, the weapons are designed to be customized "multiple times." Hence, the concept of "augmentation."

There are four types of weapons you can use in the game: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles.

The Pistol is your standard sidearms. It is good for short and medium range combat. Being lightweight, the pistol is easy to aim, fire and reload, which allows you to fire while moving. The drawback is the low firepower; but worry not, an "augmentation" like grenade launcher can be affixed to boost it.

For close-quarter crossfire, the Shotgun is your best friend. It is good for clearing out tightly packed groups and huge enemies. It already packs a lot of punch, but you can use Laser Shells to reduce your foes to dust.

For maximum firepower, the Assault Rifle is your go-to primary weapon. It packs a lot of rounds, has a high rate of fire, and can cover a long range. So it is not only good for eliminating fast enemies, it is also the best for reducing enemy shield. Also, a controlled aim can hit a target from a distance. Liam the Specialist suggests an Avenger with Electric Conduits for maximum damage.

If you want to kill targets from long distances, then bring the Sniper Rifle. Power-wise, nothing can top its performance. It also has great accuracy and long range, which makes it good for well, sniping.

Melee Weapons, Biotics And Mobility

It is not all bullets and explosions in Mass Effect: Andromeda. When the bullets run out, you might find yourself in a bind. So you need to protect yourself with melee weapons and Biotic skills.

There were three melee weapons featured in the video. One was a Biotic Sword, which is good for slashing enemies with "finesse." The next one is the Krogan Hammer; a brute, blunt "muscle" weapon that is good for smashing targets. And lastly, the Omni Blade, a forearm blade that can be used for quick and multiple slashes

Biotic skills tap the power of gravity to aid you in battle. "Any object can be a projectile, even your target," said Liam. So when the opportunity presents itself, lift your enemies with a Biotic power and hurl them like ragdolls. Or you can hurl them into the air for your squadmates to pick apart.

Speaking of getting in the air, your trusty Jump Jets are very handy for ascending heights, dodging attacks, and for dashing, as well. Master this and you move in and out and around the battlefield like a true Pathfinder that you are.

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