'Vacation Breasts' May Be The Next Plastic Surgery Trend

13 November 2014, 3:31 pm EST By Lauren Keating Tech Times
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This year might have been the year of the booty, but 2016 might be the comeback year for breasts, at least when it comes to ridiculous plastic surgery trends.

New York City plastic surgeon Norman Rowe is developing what he calls "vacation breasts," a breast augmentation that would only last two to three weeks. 

Much like testing driving a car, vacation breasts allow women who are still undecided about surgery to get saline injections into their breasts. The solution gives them the look and feel of an implant.

"You can use 3-D imaging and put implants in bras," Rowe says, "But it's another thing to see what the weight will actually feel like and what it will be like to live with the new breasts."

Rowe says "vacation breasts" are not only ideal for those contemplating bigger boobs. The temporary procedure could be done before special occasions, such as spring break, or a wedding. The novel thing about them is that they deflate once the the two-to-three week period wears off.

But we all know how horribly wrong butt implants can go. So are temporary "implants" safe? Rowe, who previously developed the 24-hour "insta breast" saline injection, would not disclose what chemicals make up the solution. He did say that it is widely used for other purposes in the medical community.

"It [the solution] could be used for more than breasts," Rowe says. "Men might want to use it for pec[toral] or calf implants."

The temporary breast implants are expected to cost less than $2,500, the cost of the insta breasts procedure. However, if demand is high, the price would inflate as well.

Rowe has contacted the FDA regarding his technology and expects the procedure could be ready for patients by 2016.

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