Galaxy Note 8 Dual Camera Better Than That Of iPhone 7 Plus, Says Apple Expert

20 April 2017, 12:50 am EDT By Des Luna Tech Times
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An Apple analyst has said that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will have dual cameras that will beat that of iPhone 7 Plus. The statement came amid design leaks of the rumored Note 8.  ( Apple )

In its continuing market offensive against rival Apple, Samsung will soon launch a new weapon: dual cameras. And these will be better, said one Apple analyst.

Renowned Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Samsung is working on a dual-camera feature for its upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Kuo is an analyst for KGI Securities who rose to fame for his accurate forecasts regarding Apple products, such as the reveal of iPhone 7 specs before its launch.

Galaxy Note 8: Better Dual Camera

According to a report, Kuo has in his possession a couple of investor notes about Samsung. He said that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature the now trendy dual-camera setup, a first for Samsung's mobile phones.

Kuo called the dual cameras the "most important upgrade" for Samsung. Specs-wise, the dual shooters will pack a 12MP wide angle lens (CIS-supporting dual photodiode), a 13MP telephoto lens, 3x optical zoom, dual 6P lenses, and dual Optical Image Stabilizers.

Then Kuo unleashed the bomb that may rattle the Apple community, saying that the Note 8's dual cams "will be much better than that of iPhone 7 Plus, and likely match that of OLED iPhone."

This revelation comes after the leaked images of what is rumored to be a prototype for Galaxy S8+ with dual-camera design.

Galaxy S8: Doing Better Than Expected

Kuo also shared some details regarding the consumers's perception of the Galaxy S8. He claimed that the market feedback (for both S8 and S8+) have been "better than expected." This is why his company KGI Securities is increasing the shipment prediction for this year from 40-45 million units to 50-55 million units.

This is a 180-degree turn for Kuo and his company's earlier statement. KGI had previously said that the Galaxy S8 "lacked attractive selling points" and thus won't sell as much when released.

Many reviews point to Galaxy S8 line's awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner and lack of dual cameras as downers for an otherwise great camera. But Kuo said that the almost bezel-less screen has made up for these shortcomings.

"Post-launch market response a big thumbs up for full-screen design, offsetting our concerns. Although the full-screen design has not created any new applications, its form factor will be effective in attracting high-end users. This is why market feedback has exceeded our expectations," Kuo said.

The optimism spilled over to the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, which will address the consumers's demand for dual cameras. With the impending launch of the iPhone 8, Samsung needs all the good news it needs for its battle with Apple.

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