Call Of Duty: WWII To Tell The True Story Of War, But There Will Be Zombies


Activision released the reveal trailer for the highly anticipated Call of Duty: WWII, which is described as the game that will bring the series "back to its roots."

The return of the Call of Duty franchise to a more grounded version compared to the futuristic setting last seen in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was hinted earlier this year in an Activision earnings call. It was revealed last week that the next game in the series will be Call of Duty: WWII, with the franchise to again focus on war that was featured in its earlier installments.

Call Of Duty: WWII Reveal Trailer And Details

The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: WWII is a far cry from the maligned reveal trailer for its predecessor, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which infamously claimed the title as the second-most disliked video on YouTube.

The response to the Call of Duty: WWII reveal trailer has mostly been positive, which means that the game is already headed in the right direction.

For the Call of Duty: WWII campaign, players will take on the role of a solider in the famed 1st Infantry Division. They will land on the beaches of Normandy and fight their way through France and Belgium before reaching Nazi Germany.

The multiplayer mode for the game, meanwhile, will feature a new social space named the Headquarters where players will be able to interact with others, similar to the Tower of space shooter Destiny. There will also be a Divisions mode, where players will be able to join the war in one of the army's divisions, and War mode, where players will be able to participate in iconic battles in World War II.

Call Of Duty: WWII Offers Deeper Look Into The Horrors Of War

The Call of Duty series started out with World War II, and in its return, will seemingly focus not just on the battles but also on the other horrors that envelop the war.

Call of Duty: WWII is replacing the superhero-like abilities of the recent Call of Duty games with an experience grounded on humanity and what that means when in war. The campaign mode will tell the tale of 19-year-old Ronald "Red" Daniels from Texas, who is thrust into the frontlines of World War II. Developer Sledgehammer Games will also tackle issues such as racism, sexism, and religious persecution in the game, and how these issues play in a world of war.

Players who would want something more intense than the figurative horrors of war, however, will be glad to know that there will also be a Zombies mode for Call of Duty: WWII. While not much is known yet for the co-op mode, it will apparently have players work together to fight against zombies that were given life by experiments of the Third Reich.

'Call Of Duty: WWII' Release Date

Call of Duty: WWII will release worldwide on Nov. 3 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gamers who are excited to try out the game can participate in its closed beta by preordering the title. However, the closed beta will be first made available to PlayStation 4 owners.

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